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I approached Shubhpuja to analyse my horoscope with regard to career trajectory and what followed was better than I expected. They were very professional and followed a methodical approach. Asked me my birthday etc and a few questions. They got back to me with a chart and explained it to me, which was great.I could see the extensive calculations they had done. They gave me all the info and more. It was an enriching experience. Recommending them to everyone 🙂
Saagarika Jagadeesh
I really needed some advice as I was going under depression day by day…it has really helped me in taking things in a positive and constructive manner and hoping for some good change in life.. Now Im able to decide how to take things further ahead… Thanks a lot again and I also wish you good luck.
Zaraa KhanNagpur
shubhpuja client Testimonials
shubhpuja client Testimonials

shubhpuja client Testimonials

Sindhurmani Puja & Remedies
Extremely satisfying and fulfilling experience I recently moved with my wife to Gurgaon area from Bangalore and had very little idea about the city. I hail from a very religious family who I realized I had taken for granted to undertake and conduct all religious ceremonies. After moving to NCR, due to long working hours and lack of knowledge of the area, I was unable to take out time to organise a grah pravesh puja. I tried to ask my neighbours and colleagues for panditji recommendation but had no luck. Then I came across and found a single point solution for all my problems. Shubhpuja team is very professional and they organized an end-to-end puja at my apartment. They suggested an early morning muhurat time and sent a highly qualified pandit from a reputed temple to my apartment. The best part of the puja ceremony was the puja samagri kit that I opted for. I did not had to run around find each and every specific puja samagri and that saved me a lot of time. The package was very affordable, payment was so easy to make online and above all I knew how much budget I had to allocate for the puja beforehand compared to traditional puja organisations. My apartment now finally feels like a home with presence of God and positive energy in it. I would continue to use Shubhpuja services at various festivals and pujas and would recommend others to take advantage of such a great website as well.
Prashant JhaGurgaon
Miracolous power of stone by
Testimonial by Shubhpuja Client - Miraculous power of stone
Shubhpuja Testimonial by archana trasy
It’s been amazing to see my life change for the better over the past months of consultation with Mr.Vardhan of Shubpuja. Their keen involvement in your life to make things better for you is just fabulous.its been a full 360 degree change for the better for me in just 2 months and their guidance on every step has made my life the best it’s ever been! Thank you Shubpuja, Mr.Vardhan & Saumiya!
Testimonial by Archana Trasy
Just like any smart decision, one would like to reduce their uncertainty risk and constantly adjust their model based on interactions that happen. These personalized astrology session did the exact same thing for me. It provided me the data points as to when the planets are favorable or unfavorable for me, to help me make more intelligent life decisions. Not only did this help me in making better choices in life, but also provided me a mental satisfaction knowing how long these bad cycles in life are for that I just have to go through. It is very helpful as sometime when one is in that rut, it is hard to get out to a positive state of mind. Again, I must emphasize the detail and professionalism shown by this team is unparalleled. My suggestions to new folks is that use these astrology session to help make intelligent decisions than just expect to get the moon. Some miracle in your life will be undeniable, try for yourself.
AnkitSan Francisco
shubhpuja Testimonial success story
Testimonial by Anurag Singh
I received a personalised horoscope consultation and it was very true to my circumstances. It also provided a good degree of what’s upcoming in my life! I highly recommend them.
Bhargavi Sridharan
It is my belief that thought and action affects the vibratory resonance of the rest of the world. If we are joyous, others, no matter where their location, can be more joyous too. One, however, needs to be open.  That is where your company makes a difference – by connecting clients with those that bring goodness and clarity to our best selves. By knowing our sacred intention we plant seeds for future blooming of our individual lives. So, dear Saumya, you are doing a great service in any language, time or space! With the idea that the world would be better place if more people played Holi, we have brought your boxes with us, and are planing a mini Holi here in Pittsfield MA this summer! Thank you for them and also the delicious Indian food that your shared with us at the park. I am also grateful for the connection you set up with the astrologer. He was extraordinary and right on the mark! Wow!!
Reba EvenchikPhiladelphia

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