The science of astrology is more than reading your stars and providing possible predictions. It is a highly mathematical and detailed process to enlighten you to yourself and prepare you for every thick and thins of life. Treating any kind of problem with an apt solution and providing you the best possible remedy. Also aiming at the precautionary measures to prevent or resolve the troubles of future.

Shubhpuja provides full diagnostic solutions through scientific astrology to make predictions. Our clients worldwide have experienced exceptional results and got relief from their problems where they could not find solutions for years. Try it for yoruself!

Diagnostic Astrology solutions:

Customer testimonials

Shubhpuja success story
Shubhpuja Testimonial - Enchanted pearl ring gave instant relief – Shalini Saldahna
shubhpuja success story
Our Client Testimonial
shubhpuja testimonial success story
Shubhpuja Client Testimonial
shubhpuja Testimonial success story
Testimonial by Anurag Singh
Shubhpuja Testimonial
Testimonial By Gauri Tandon
Shubhpuja Testimonial
Testimonial for Sindurmani Maa Kaali Puja
shubhpuja testimonial success Story
Testimonial for Sindhurmani Dhanvantri Puja for relief in pain
Shubhpuja Testimonial by Roshni Khanna

I am a believer. To me astrology provides therapy and strengthens my belief and faith. I have been a follower and a learner for a very long time now and my recent experience with ShubhPuja was amazing. I used one of their services and was fascinated that I could participate online. The best part  they continue to follow up and provide guidance.
I personally found the website very detailed and easy to follow.  Do give them a try.

Testimonial by Roshni Khanna
Shubhpuja Testimonial by archana trasy

It’s been amazing to see my life change for the better over the past months of consultation with Mr.Vardhan of Shubpuja. Their keen involvement in your life to make things better for you is just fabulous.its been a full 360 degree change for the better for me in just 2 months and their guidance on every step has made my life the best it’s ever been! Thank you Shubpuja, Mr.Vardhan & Saumiya!

Testimonial by Archana Trasy

Thank you Shubhpuja for the sampurna badha mukti yantra …I did best business in last 2 months this year…. Some distractions have cleared…. Even relationship with wife n dad has improved.

Testimonial by Nilutpal Roy