Every stone or mani has its unique form of energy and accordingly attracts and releases the specific vibrations. Likewise the rarest and highly precious ‘Sindhur Mani’ is widely known for its divine and healing attributes. As the name suggest, Sindhur mani has its mention in ancient mythology and was particularly devoted to Lord Ganesha.

Sindhur Mani has life energy of its own, and they vibrate on their own individual frequency. The frequency they send out determines the particular energy which will be attracted to solve the specific issue. Few of the problems for which effective results were achieved for our customers:

Weak eye sight: Suffering from a severe eye sight problem known as Myopia, where the power was almost about -18 diopters, the medical treatment could also not provide magical results.

Through recommended method of puja using the sindhur mani and chanting the mantras by the patient, effective results were achieved. The person witnessed a change after the puja and is able to perform the daily tasks with ease, which was difficult earlier.

Skin Allergies: Case of long term skin allergy and in spite of all the medical treatments, the problem couldn’t be treated for the last 20 years.

The energy and vibrations of the Sindhur mani puja resulted in effective healing of the ailment. Less marks and itching was experienced by the patient.

Back pain: The most common problem among people and it was the case of chronic back ache where the patient was unable to perform the routine tasks too. Exercises and medicines could not bring the desired result for the patient.

After the Sindhur mani puja and chanting the mantras, the patient experienced a significant difference in the pain. The daily tasks can be easily done by him now.

Depression: the rising problem of depression or mentally unstable state takes away the willingness and hope from people. Medical treatment and counselling are helpful but blessings and powerful vibrations can bring magical results.

Sindhur mani puja helped the patient to gain back his awareness and also to cherish this human life. Gained back confidence, willpower and hope to overcome the troubles.

Bronchitis and chronic cough: Such problems reduce the efficiency of the human body and such cases have a lifelong treatment. The patient had to depend on medication and permanent remedy was still not attained.

This puja affects every cell of the body and energises the physical body and its processes. The patient was able to experience effective results and drastic changes were observed in his ailment.

Other health related issues: Apart from the ones mentioned above, sindhur mani puja is proved to be effective for all kind of health issues. Based on the particular frequency attraction, it deals with the specific problem through specific chant of mantra and brings required results.