Key mind behind
Saumya Vardhan – Imperial College London MBA (with Distinction), MSc, BSc Statistics (Hons) – Gold Medalist Certified
Vastu and Feng Shui Consultant, qualified Astrologer and Numerologer

Saumyaa Vardhan

Saumyaa Vardhan

Saumyaa Vardhan immersed herself in mathematics and science based Vedic studies to transfer traditional Vedic sciences into the context of contemporary lifestyle and ambitions. Prior to completing her formal studies in Vedic sciences, she has an indepth background in advanced mathematics from the top-most universities of the world.

  • MBA (with Distinction) from Imperial College, UK
  • MSC in Operational Research from Lancaster University, UK
  • BSc (Honours) in Statistics from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University (GOLD MEDALIST)
  • Advanced degree in Vedic Astrology, Numerology (Western & Vedic) & Vaastu Shastra / Feng Shui

She has previously worked in London for over 7 years as a Mergers & Acquisition executive with KPMG London, EY London and Rolls-Royce UK. Saumyaa picked up not just a valuable education and top corporate experience along her journey; but also collected a maze of life experiences whilst retaining her belief in ancient Hindu philosophy. Honing her focus toward this philosophy, Saumyaa founded in 2013. now has become the top-most authentic Vedic spirituality based online venture and has more than 500 Indian Vedic Brahmins and other professionals as part of their team. To further learn about the science and mathematics behind Vedic spirituality, she pursued Master’s level courses in Astrology, Vastu, Fengshui, and Numerology.

Her professional qualifications combined with her former commercial career background enables her to provide highly bespoke and tailored solutions that are both practical and applicable to people from different walks of life and lifestyles. Today, Saumya is a leading personality in the field of Vedic Spirituality, who has achieved unparalleled success in an industry predominantly run by men. What is unique about her is the ability to tackle situations from multi-pronged perspective. She brings in a difference in terms of professionalism, scientific and accurate services, research & development, and educated, through Indian Vedic Acharyas.

She has also been featured and felicitated by all top-most organizations worldwide.

Ms. Saumyaa Vardhan, is the new age qualified Vedic astrologer, Vastu Expert and Numerologist. She is amongst the most qualified astrologers in the world today. She has a penchant for numbers and developed her own software models in predictive astrology and numerology.

Her contribution to Vedic sciences has been featured in worldwide media publications including Forbes, New York Magazine, LA Times, Voice of America, Times of India and many more. She combines her Statistics, Mathematics and Operational research background & education with Vedic sciences to give analytical and mathematical solutions. She says “Just like how I would work on the financial models based on numbers for company’s balance sheet and P&L, similarly I work on people’s stars and numbers as they are like P&L and balance sheet of their lives since thats the data available about people.”

She offers the consultations for:

Awards & Recognitions

She has also been featured and felicitated by all top-most organizations worldwide. now has become the top-most authentic Vedic spirituality based online venture and has more than 500 Indian Vedic Brahmins and other professionals as part of their team.

Press and Media

She has been featured on worldwide news and media channels and her ground-breaking work opened a new era of ancient Indian Vedic Science .

Ranked #2 amongst Top 25 most inspiring stories of 2014 on

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Horoscope forecast by Saumyaa Vardhan

Her horoscope forecasts and subject matter expertise can be read every month on

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Spiritz magazine

India’s #1 magazine for Alcoholic beverages, spirits and bars / restaurants

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Her LIVE show on Vedic Astrology, Numerology & Vaastu Shastra comes on following radio channels in USA

1600 AM WWRL

Network, Paterson, Secaucus, New City, Yonkers, Stamford, Long Branch, Brick, Parsippany, Edison, North Brunswick, New York, Hicksville area, Carteret

100.7 FM W264BT

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Consultation service by Ms. Saumyaa Vardhan

Vedic Astrology


Vastu & Feng Shui

Provide basic Astrology Consultation : a brief report and effective astrology solutions and remedies after analyzing your horoscope

Karmic numerology : determine any habitual tendencies in your chart and provide solutions

Provide guidelines for initial site selection and also answer any questions the builder and you may have during construction

Detailed Astrological Consultation : astrological information covering the next 2 years that will include: predictions, forecasts, recommendations and precautions

Relationship Numerology : determine compatibility with your spouse/ partner by combining your charts and advice accordingly

Prepare a pre-design house/business plan to ensure you receive the effects of proper Vastu

Intensive Astrological Consultation : This report covers forecasts, predictions, solutions for the next 3 years

New Names : Help find new names that support your vision of who you would like to become

Map Analysis : Conceptualization of Map, Interior-Planning, Color-Schemes for both residential & corporate properties etc.

Self-help Analysis : Help use astrology for spiritual understanding and self – development

Numerology Life reading : an in-depth reading conducted to look at the cycles which affect your life

Corporate logo analysis/ designing as per Vastu & Feng shui : conducting periodic visits & supervision for plants & office.

Precise Consultations : For career, children, Kundali Birthtime correction, Health, Litigation, Property & more…

Precise Consultations : For career, children, Kundali Birthtime correction, Health, Litigation, Property & more…

Other Services: Vastu Fire ceremony, Feng Shui Design, Feng Shui Aesthetics & more…

More on how Saumyaa’s Consultancy services
elucidate the art of balancing science and faith

Bring your sorrows to desinence with her excellent brainstorming sessions coupled with requisite individual attention. Saumya’s primary interest is to help people open to the beauty of intuitive abilities and help discover their personal power spaces on planet earth. It is time you seek her guidance in relation to the following and more.
• Career Horoscope
• Children Horoscope
• Child Kundali preparation
• Kundali Birthtime correction
• Kundali matching
• Fame and Fortune horoscope
• Family and relations horoscope
• Full Vedic Horoscope package
• Gemstone Consultation
• Health Horoscope
• Litigation Horoscope
• Love Horoscope
• Marriage Horoscope
• Property Horoscope
Saumya skillfully uses the magic of numbers to read and learn which number is influencing your life and career, and then accurately gives insights. Often inspired by the mystical way of Pythogoras, she quotes him as an example of proof: “The world is built upon the power of numbers.” To feel the energies of the numbers, please book your reading with Saumyaa from the selections below.Natal Reading: personalized birth chart interpretation using your birth date
Get your Numerology Report :
• Person’s Name Analysis report
• Business Name Analysis report
• House Name Analysis report
• Complete Numerology report
• Name change analysis
Other Numerology Services :
• Lucky Number analysis
• Marriage compatibility number analysis
• New Born Baby Name analysis
• Brand Name analysis
• Vehicle Number analysis
• Lucky dates for auspicious events
• Mobile phone number analysis
Saumyaa embraces her responsibility to create resonantly powerful spaces in which all Vastu principles are taken into account. She applies the teachings of her formal education in Vastu that advocate scientific Vastu and Vastu without demolition. She offers the following Scientific & mathematical Vastu & Feng Shui services :
1. Vastu Architecture
2. Vastu Interior Design (For Apartments, House, Townhouse, Bunglows, high-rise etc)
3. Vastu Home Consulting (For Apartments, House, Townhouse, Bunglows, high-rise etc)
4. Vastu Business Consulting
5. Vastu Rental and Purchase Consulting
6. Vastu Fire ceremony
7. Feng Shui for Home, Gardens and Public Spaces
8. Feng Shui Design
9. Feng Shui Aesthetics
10. Clutter Management

Her award winning background in mathematics, financial modeling, dimensions, geometry and calculations, make her analysis accurate and scientific.

Note : Site travel cost will be additional and will be charged separately.

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