Sindhurmani puja

Sindhurmani is the rarest pearl, known to found at the bottom of holy Lake Mansarovar. Only an ascetic Sadhu/saints after enlightenment (Siddhi) can identify and find this pearl.

It is classified as a Mani that is rare in existence. In ancient times, some of the siddha saints used to give this rare mani as a blessing to kings for the overall well being of their kingdom. Such rare pearls are blessed with amazing healing properties to improve the life of worshippers and cure any incurable disease.

This pearl is a symbol of Lord Ganesh’s soul and therefore considered fortunate and lucky. Possessing magical and medicinal values, Sindhurmani is rare thus highly expensive and valuable and were owned by few of our great Kings of India during that era.

Through Sindhurmani pujas and energy healing, Lord Ganesha is invoked to achieve various results. This unique mani has life energy of its own, and they vibrate on their individual frequency. The frequency radiated determines the particular energy which is then received to heal a particular problem. It has effectively healed patients suffering from:

  • Retina detachment
  • Excessive Sneezing
  • Skin allergies
  • Cataract
  • Depression
  • Bronchitis
  • Chronic cough
  • Back pain
  • Arthiritis
  • AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) eye problem
  • Glucoma

It has also shown remarkable results in solving personal, marital and financial problems as well.

Sindhurmani customer testimonials testimonials

Shubhpuja Team epitomizes honesty and accuracy in this esoteric Science of Astrology.
Highly endorse them since all of their predictions for me and my family have come to fruition within the prescribed timelines! Pretty uncanny !
The Sindhurmani Puja that was recommended last July upon thorough scrutiny of my Chart was truly potent in addressing the problems that were present at the time.
As an aside, the Team personally ensures welfare of all their Clients’ and this selflessness makes them distinguished in the myriad arena of Astrologers given many are in the Business for
purely mercenary reasons.

Keep up your great work ethic and shine on, Shubhpuja in rendering this virtuous service.

Babita L. Garg

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Miraculous Power of Lord Sindhurmani Puja
Client Testimonial - Miraculous Power of Lord Sindhurmani Puja
shubhpuja client success story
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shubhpuja success story in USA
Testimonial - Shubhpuja in USA – “Happiness in relationship after Sindhurmani Puja”
shubhpuja success story in USA
Testimonial - “Impossible became possible with power of Sindhurmani Sarva Kasht Nivaran Puja”

The Sindhurmani energy healing is a must experience. I felt that there is no magic bigger than life itself but on the first day itself my health issues were addressed and i could have a peaceful morning without incessant sneezing. No reflux. Trust me it is truly magical and it reaffirms the faith in Divinity. This is truly insane but truth.

AnuragNew Delhi

I lost my sense of smell because of strong medicines. 20 years later Shuhpuja introduced me to powerful Sindhurmani puja and healing, 7 days later I am getting whiffs of aromas I had forgotten and even food tastes better. I am looking forward to another round of this healing and the vibrations to cure me of my problems.

ChandniNew Delhi

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