Shubhpuja Testimonial by Roshni Khanna

I am a believer. To me astrology provides therapy and strengthens my belief and faith. I have been a follower and a learner for a very long time now and my recent experience with ShubhPuja was amazing. I used one of their services and was fascinated that I could participate online. The best part  they continue to follow up and provide guidance.
I personally found the website very detailed and easy to follow.  Do give them a try.

Testimonial by Roshni Khanna
Shubhpuja Testimonial by archana trasy

It’s been amazing to see my life change for the better over the past months of consultation with Mr.Vardhan of Shubpuja. Their keen involvement in your life to make things better for you is just fabulous.its been a full 360 degree change for the better for me in just 2 months and their guidance on every step has made my life the best it’s ever been! Thank you Shubpuja, Mr.Vardhan & Saumiya!

Testimonial by Archana Trasy

Thank you Shubhpuja for the sampurna badha mukti yantra …I did best business in last 2 months this year…. Some distractions have cleared…. Even relationship with wife n dad has improved.

Testimonial by Nilutpal Roy

I wanted to let you know that this stone is so powerful! Really. When I held it I felt it buzzing with energy. Then I put it on last night with the super moon. I was feeling quit low and hopeless for some time and when I put it on, I almost immediately felt this sharpness in my mind, and I could feel that it fed off the super moon and I feel into this energetic meditation with the moon. Today I am starting to feel more optimistic than I have in a long time. I do feel that this ring came at a good and tumultuous time when I needed it….Thanks

Testimonial by Nilima

This is the first time I am writing an online recommendation for a service. The reason why I am so thoroughly impressed with ShubhPuja team is that they simply exceeded our expectations on every front – whether it was cost, quality or time of delivery. I called up the team literally on 13th Aug’16 evening. While, 14th was a Sunday , 15th was a national holiday and with my brothers being in Chhattisgarh, I really wasn’t sure how will my Rakhi make it on time (Rakhi being on 18th) from Delhi. But I also knew that online was my best bet instead of trying to send it myself. So, I placed my order on ShubhPuja on 13th and crossed my fingers. My 2 brothers in 2 different cities of Chhattisgarh called me on 16th – saying they received my Rakhi.
Besides the complete package of a beautiful rakhi , tika samagri, the ShubhPuja team had also put a surprise gift (Pocket squares) – which made my brothers smile. I had also asked for a rakhi for my nephew, which turned out to be very cute and neatly done too.
Overall, a delightful and seamless experience and a total value for money.

Testimonial by Smita Pandey Mishra

shubhpuja Thank you for your efforts and guidance. your forecast and guidance is very apt and exact. It has really helped me to change my life state. keep up the good work and enlighten millions of lives .

Testimonial by Mehak Madan

I approached Shubhpuja to analyse my horoscope with regard to career trajectory and what followed was better than I expected.
They were very professional and followed a methodical approach.
Asked me my birthday etc and a few questions.
They got back to me with a chart and explained it to me, which was great.I could see the extensive calculations they had done.
They gave me all the info and more. It was an enriching experience. Recommending them to everyone 🙂

Saagarika Jagadeesh

I received a personalised horoscope consultation and it was very true to my circumstances. It also provided a good degree of what’s upcoming in my life!

I highly recommend them.

Bhargavi Sridharan

I went to Shubhpuja in 2014 during a very low phase in my life. Apart from studying my charts, advising me on stones that would suit me, doing the puja that was required, Shubhpuja gave me advice on how to steer myself out of that phase. They did so by understanding what my stars favored and what was avoidable and they guided me based on that. They made me understand how this all works.

In the past one and a half year, it’s almost as if my life has taken a 180 degree turn and a lot of it is because of them and their faith. I do consult them before I take any decision that I feel can be a milestone for me. Their practical approach and realistic outlook is why I have faith in them.


Saheba SinghNew Delhi

I had a wonderful experience with Shubh Puja. The astrology was so correct and helpful. The coloured hankies gave me instant results and the healing has so improved the quality of my life.
I sent a Rakhi package to Bahrain last year through this site. It reached well in time and was much appreciated.
Shubh Puja is a real blessing!

I lost my sense of smell because of strong medicines. 20 years later Shuhpuja introduced me to powerful Sindhurmani puja and healing, 7 days later I am getting whiffs of aromas I had forgotten and even food tastes better. I am looking forward to another round of this healing and the vibrations to cure me of my problems.

Chandni LuthraNew Delhi