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♨️ How does the Buddh yantra helps? ♨️

shpj342 Shree_Buddhyantram

Buddh Yantra

This yantra is protects from fire and electric shock etc. It is especially favorable for a pregnant woman against abortion and for safe delivery of a child. This is very useful for people darling with mathematics, commerce and communication and also for business.

Buddh Mantra

The mantra is repeated for twenty one times in a morning.

The mantra for recital is:-

|| Om Braam Breem Brom Sah Bhudhaay Namah ||

Benefits of Buddh Yantra

It is one of the most significant Yantra for remove the poverty from life.

  • This Yantra improves business and also boosts up business prospects.
  • Those who have inadequate memory power and want to improve memory and those who are in the writing or publishing field must use this Yantra.
  • Students must use this Yantra in order to get desirable results on the education front.

How to do worship by this yantra

  • First purify your body and start with a clear and positive mind frame.
  • Find a place on the floor facing East, where you will be undisturbed.
  • Light the incense or diya.
  • Lay a fresh flower and a fresh fruit on the altar.

Where to place it

  • This yantra should be established on Wednesday.
  • This yantra keep it in your Home/Office and Shop.
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