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⚜Sai Baba’s preachings to Brahmgyan desirous⚜

Till you do not become free from greed and jealousy, till then you can not understand the true shape of Brahm.sai baba 11 aug

Once a rich man, when he heard the fame of Baba, he decided to acquire Brahmgyan   from Baba. He went to the Shirdi and after the sight of Baba ,he fell on his feet and prayed that you give  Brahmdharshan in short time , then Baba told :- My dear friend ! Don’t be so impatient .I will show you Brahm very soon. My all transactions are in cash, and I never deal in credit. For this reason many people come to me for fulfilling their desires of acquiring wealth,health ,power fame, post, and many other things .for learning the Brahmgyan to the person , Baba called a child and told him to borrow  5 rupees from the trader. After returning   the child said that there is no trace of him and his house is locked. Again Baba sent him to another trader. This time also the child could not be successful to bring the money.  By repeating their experiment for two-three times the result remained the same.

When Baba was sending the child impatiently here and there for borrowing rupees 5, then rich man could not courage to lend rupees 5, and anxiously told Baba that O Baba  ! Kindly give me Brahmgyan very soon. Baba replied , that O My dear friend! Did u understand anything from this drama? I was trying to make you the sight of brahm,  In short the meaning is that to have the sight of Brahm one have to leave five things ,

  • Panch Pran (five vital airs)
  • Panch Indriyan (five senses)
  • Man (mind)
  • Buddhi (wisdom)
  • Ahankar (ego)

This is Brahmgyan.  and Baba told to gentleman ! you have a Brahm in your pocket in the form of 50 times off rupees 5, please kindly get it out. He took out the   bundle of notes, after counting rich man were surprised to see that there were 25 notes of rupees 10 .Seeing this omnipresence of Baba , he became compassionate, falling upon the feet of Baba requested to bless him.

After having the blessings of Baba, rich man returned to their house with pleasure and satisfaction.

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