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Amshuman is a figure in Hindu mythology, the grandson of King Sagara. His father was Asamanja, the evil son of Sagara born from his second queen Sumati (In Ramayana it is Keshini). Amshuman becomes the king after King Sagara’s death. Amshuman’s grandson Bhagiratha brings the Ganges down from the heavens.

When King Sagara performs the Ashwamedha yagna Indra steals the sacrificial horse. Sagara asks his 60,000 sons to go and fetch it. The sons venture to the nether world and find the horse tied beside the meditating sage Kapila. The sons thinking that Kapila is the thief speak rudely to him and try to seize the horse. The sage furious at their audacity burns the 60,000 sons to ashes. When Sagara’s sons do not return he(Sagara) requests his grandson Amshuman to go and look for them

Amshuman follows the path which his uncles took to the nether world. There he sees sage Kapila and the horse. He approaches him respectfully and asks about the whereabouts of his uncles. Upon being told that they were burnt to ashes, he becomes inconsolable. His uncles are unable to attain heaven. Kapila tells him that only his grandson Bhagiratha can bring Ganges down from the heavens. Amshuman reports the sad news to Sagara who becomes grieved. He crowns Anshuman as the king before his death.

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