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Cherish your life: Ways to overcome unresolved issues

shubhpuja.comThe difficult situations or the ‘unresolved issues’ keeps on hindering our peaceful life. They have a very powerful effect on human life. As these issues or turmoil stay strong within the system, at times stretched over a long period of time, they impact almost all spheres of life. One keeps on holding the grudges and arguments throughout their life.

Here are a few ways to get over such turmoil and cherish the true nature of life.

 Let go – What has happened is a matter of the past and it should not be allowed to stick up in the mind.  Just let it go and you will be liberated from the burden of heavy negative thoughts pulling you down physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Forgiveness- Forgiveness is an instant relief from the pain caused on account of unresolved issues.  By forgiving we not only set the other person free from guilt and pain but also get ourselves out of the disturbing and depressing mental state and become peaceful.

Karmic Account- Knowing the reality that everything happening in our life is the result of our own past actions we should allow the account to settle in a calm and peaceful way rather than blaming others and agitating when certain conflicting situations confront us. Law of Karma explains how other people seem to be causing pain and suffering are only instruments.  We get back what we had given out sometime or the other.  This understanding will help cross over almost all the adversities in life with minimum suffering.

No Blaming- When we are in a blaming mode we are far away from the solution of any problem and such issues remain unresolved all through.  Even when the cause of trouble is someone else we have to focus on our own self to find a solution.  When we are hurt we have to heal our hurt rather than getting entangled with others.  Blaming is nothing but exchange of negative energy between the parties concerned leaving the Unresolved Issues unresolved.





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