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Would you like access to holistic, global support from the Shubhpuja team?

We take care of our community members on a consistent basis on their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. As a community member, you can feel well taken of by the Shubjpuja family, including:

  • Re-charging your kavach
  • Energizing your stones on a yearly basis
  • Access to products anywhere in the world
  • Access to pujas for festivals and birthdays
  • 1:1 personalized consultations based on what you are facing
  • Support with family issues
  • Annual check-in to see how you are and many more sacred gifts!

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      Office Address (USA)

      San Francisco, USA

      Email: contact@shubhpuja.com

      Call: +1 (415)-966-6314

      Office Address (India)

      56, Sundar Nagar, New Delhi, 110003, India

      Email: contact@shubhpuja.com

      Call: +91 844 773 9300

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