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Daanveer Karan Kids story


Inspiration stories which change your child’s attitude about our mythological stories and teach them good lesson.

I am a string believer of mythological stories that all communities share with their next generations around the world and I found that all countries have similar stories but the names they use for them are different. I belong to a religious family and I have heard a lot of stories from my maternal grand-mother about Hindu God’s. I am hereby sharing few stories with great moral lessons from Indian mythology so that you can also share them with your kids. After hearing such stories they feel proud on our history and rich values which are present in our country.


Karan is the most inspiring character of Mahabharata and was a great warrior. He was a true friend. He was the only warrior in that era that single-handed conducted “Dig Vijay Yatra” and conquered the entire world for his friend ‘Duryodhana’. He was born with kavach and kundal which would make him invincible. He is known as ‘Daanveer Karan’ as he donated his kavach and kundal to ‘Dev Inder’ even when he was aware of the conspiracy behind it. He possessed a charitable nature and was a great man. His life story has a lot to learn. His life was full of struggles from the time he was born but he never left trying for his rights. Our kids should know about his great life. His life is full of Inspiration. He was a great student, a lovely son, a great lover, a kind king of truthful nature and a selfless man.

Shubhpuja main aims to inspired your kids with such great personalities of India, which tells them how rich values and culture we have

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