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Despite your best attempt, still getting losses in business: Rahu Puja is the solution

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Facing troubles in Business

Each and every one of us is facing trouble in his business despite trying to succeed in the best of our attempts. Business is the life and soul of a person who is deeply dedicated to the service of the family. Everyone wishes to get a happy and handsome income and enjoy a happy living together with family.

But due to the problems faced by family members due to planetary transitions, one has to suffer loss of money and property, thereby decreasing the overall fortune and fortitude of the family.

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Reasons for unexpected loss in business

There are numerous reasons for this kind of unexpected loss in the business of the family. Sometimes, it becomes too much that the entire family business is uprooted just because of some imbalance in small planetary positions and some other factors.

The reasons for getting losses in business can be

  1. Malefic positions of Rahu in family
  2. Due to mal-eye or Buri nazar of some one
  3. Due to Kundali dosh present.

One of the most prominent reasons for the loss in business is due to Rahu. Rahu is one of the major planets after Guru which is responsible for the fortune in business. One must not delay in offering worship to Rahu.

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Rahu puja benefits

The benefits of Rahu puja are:

  1. There is immediate stop in business losses.
  2. There is gradual increase in the good fortune of the person who owns the business
  3. The person gets a chance by the lord to advance in the business
  4. Apart from getting financial increments, the person gets mental and spiritual peace.
  5. There is no opportunity when the person will get a chance to promote himself to a higher status.

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