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Science behind mantra healing


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As it’s been preserved over the centuries by our saints and sages, the mantra healing techniques and strategies make a major portion of the Indian Vedic system of worship whereby one is trained in chanting the correct mantras in correct meter and manner.

For ages, this tradition has been passed on to the generations of the expert Acharyas and purohits who practise severe austerities and penances and do a lot of hard labour and intensive research on the Vedic scriptures meant for the same.

Concept of Mantra healing 

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Mantra comes from two alphabets, Man and Tra. As per the Sanskrit shabda kosha Nirukti or Sanskrit dictionary, mantra means, Manam traayate iti mantra or the thing which relieves the mind from unnecessary things is verily called a mantra.

Mantras are Sanskrit incantations which are a part of the Indian Vedic Scriptures specifically written for the people of Kaliyuga since in earlier ages, there was no need to pen them down. The disciples had such purity and power that once heard from the spiritual master, they never used to forget whatever they had heard.

Mantras when chanted by the right Brahmana chanter who is pure and austere and devoted to the worship of higher force, has a purifying and calming effect on the Yajmana for whom the mantra is being chanted.

Whatever be the desire of the person is, mantra chanting strengthens that. Mantras have special healing powers.

Science behind Mantra healing

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The human body  has an electromagnetic field of it’s own. The electromagnetic fields are created when there is any neural impulse running in the body on account of perfect rhythm of heart, brain and other bodily organs. When this electromagnetic field is disturbed, there is commotion in the normal bodily functions and there comes the problem.

The normal working of the body is restored back when there is administration of some medicine which causes the organs to come to their normal activity.

Similarly, when there is correction offered by some healing therapies to restore them to the normal values, there is correction in their functions. As a result of which, the body restores it’s normal functions and renders the body useful.

Sindhurmani: A special and completely effective healing therapy

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Sindhurmani is one of the rarest natural gems available in the entire cosmos. It is a form of Lord Ganesha and is imbibed with spiritual healing powers. When enchanted upon and blessed by the Acharyas, Sindhurmani radiates a unique medically spiritual aura which in turn cures the aura of the patient who is suffering from the problems.

Sindhurmani is a special gem, a masterpiece of Lord’s creation. It is found in the depths of Lakes and oceans and when found by realised saints, it starts to radiate it’s own aura. And when it is given to a diabetic patient, it cures the diabetes in 21 days.

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