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Four Mukhi Rudraksha

The original four faced rudraksha at Shubhpuja increases the power of original thinking, knowledge, learning & creativity while controlling the problems related to a malefic mercury.


Product Description

About 4 Mukhi Rudraksha

Four mukhi rudraksha is one of the rarest achievable items of worship in the whole universe. Rudraksha translates to the literal meaning of tears of Lord Shiva, the demigod responsible for the mode of darkness or ignorance. Rudra means “Lord Shiva” and Aksha means “Tear droplets”

Therefore, rudraksha is the sanctified tear of Lord Shiva which has the capacity to fulfil any desire of the person who wears it. Four mukhi rudraksha is a divine gem and is very powerful in its action.

It represents Lord Brahma, the creator who emerged from the navel of Lord Vishnu.

Worshipping deity

The worshippable deity of four mukhi rudraksha is Lord Brahma. The ruling planet of four mukhi rudraksha is Jupiter and mercury.

Benefits of 4 mukhi Rudraksha

  • A Four Mukhi Rudraksha increases the power of original thinking, knowledge, learning and creativity.
  • As per Ancient Vedic Texts, a Four Mukhi Rudraksha is also very useful if a person is suffering from the Problem of Stammering.
  • This Rudraksha pacifies the malefic effects of planet Mercury and is useful for controlling the problems related to a Malefic Mercury in horoscope.
  • The oratory and writing skills of the wearer are highly increased by the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. This Rudraksha increases the wit and intelligence of the wearer.
  •  As per Ancient Vedic Texts, this Rudraksha is said to be useful in diseases of Gall Bladder, Mental ailments, paralysis and diseases of nose.

Astrological facts about 4 mukhi Rudraksha

Since four mukhi rudraksha represents Jupiter, it imparts the wearer with all the benefits of an elevated Jupiter. Unlike gemstones which can be harmful if worn and then planet is in wrong position, rudraksha corrects the planetary effects and makes them always positive for the individual. A strong Jupiter imparts the wearer with fortune, luck, health, property, married life etc.

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The worship of four mukhi rudraksha is very complicated and hence, it must be regularly worshipped in order to get the best of all benefits. Since it represents Lord Shiva directly, it must be shown all reverence as he is a great devotee of Lord Sri Krishna.

One must worship rudraksha on the day of Trayodashi or on Monday. The mantra for four mukhi rudraksha is

“Om kleem Namah” (Shiva Puran)
“Om Om Namah” (Padma Puran)

One must place it in the puja place and while pouring panchamrit (Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee and Sugar), one must chant the mantra at least 47 times and the best would be to chant it 108 times.

As the Kaliyuga is advancing, more professional cheaters have come to the market and have made it a point to earn money by hook or by crook through the dirty means to cheat the innocent devotees. And since rudraksha are rare items or worship and have to be taken care of nicely, people present fake specimens by carving them out of wood.

We, at #Shubhpuja have made a vow not to play with the faith of our dear clients and devotees of the lord who have immense faith in them and wish to preserve it to the best of our capacity. We have a panel of expert people who directly go and procure the rudraksha beads from the dense jungles of Himalaya and Rameshwaram and then sort them as per the types and bring it to the access of our clients.

The rudraksha, being handpicked are free from all sorts of adulteration forgery, mutilation etc.

On the request of our customers, we energize the rudraksha according to the Vedic shatsras under the expert guidance and experience of highly revered Purohitas, Acharyas and Pandits. They are properly energized using secret, yet very powerful mantras which give instant result.


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