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Fragrant significance of Camphor

shubhpuja.comThe magical crystalline substance, known for its sweet aroma is considered highly auspicious in Hindu rituals. The camphor or kafur or karpura is widely used as a significant part of the puja ceremony and acts as a gesture to adore Lord. Camphor has its own unique attributes and a few of them will be discussed here.

  • The camphor completely burns itself out, leaving no residue behind, symbolising the diminishing ego of the devotee and burning itself to enlighten the life of others.
  • The sweet fragrance arising from the camphor spreads the aura of positivity and goodness around.
  • The flame of burning camphor resembles the flame of consciousness of Lord Shiva, where we can surrender all our negative traits.
  • As the devotee places his hands over the flame and touch his eyes and the top of head, it symbolise the illumination of vision and piousness in thought process.
  • Camphor is known for its medicinal traits and it also purifies the air and has medicinal benefits on the people around.
  • Due to the cooling feature of camphor, it is used as an essential oil for aromatherapy.
  • Camphor is also significant in decreasing the irritation of nervous disorders as well as nervousness, chronic disease and epileptic problems.
  • It also acts an anti-repellent to keep away the mosquitoes, snakes, reptiles and kill germs.
  • Camphor products are used to relieve pain and reduce itching, and also to treat fungal infections and minor burns.
  • Camphor has varied sentiments attached with different cultures, thus hold high spiritual value.


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