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Gauri Shankar Puja for Marital Disputes

gauri-shankar-puja   What all do we expect from our life partners? It is nothing more than understanding, love, compassion, & care. But if unfortunately this doesn’t happen then marriages lead to separation & divorces.

These days most people are facing such marital disputes in their day to day lives. Due to stress & work pressure, these disputes aggravate so much that partners lose the ability to have a peaceful life.

If you are facing marital problems that are worsening with time, then we would suggest that you opt for Gauri Shankar Puja. This puja will restore peace and love in your marriage.

What is Gauri Shankar Puja?

Lord Shiva and Parvati Ji are the perfect epitome of a married couple, seeking their blessings for marital issues is an effective solution. Their eternal love for each other symbolise the ever-lasting bond of marriage. This puja resolves all the obstacles from your married life and showers peace and prosperity in your relationship.


The magical impact of Gauri Shankar puja was evident during the time of Lord Rama. Mata Sita performed this puja to receive the idol Shree Rama as her consort.

Benefits of the puja:

To regain back your positivity and maintain your relationships.

  • To prevent unnecessary fights and arguments in your family.
  • To protect your relationship from evil energies like anger, greed, lust and selfishness.
  • To bring back your lost love in life.

This is how we perform this puja

This puja is a performed like a ceremony for removing all the worries about your married life. Our highly educated Vedic scholars perform the rituals.

The ceremony begins by worshipping to Lord Ganesha and chanting “Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha”. The partners should be dressed in yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat facing north. Yellow flowers, rice grains and Gauri Shanker Rudraksh are offered to the idol of Shiv and Parvati Ji.

Partners are required to pray to them with complete faith and seek their blessings for a peaceful marital life by chanting the mantra.

ll Om Bhavani Gaurie Pati Sukh Saubhagyam Dehi Dehi Shiv Shaktiyee Namah ll

Some key aspects of Gauri Shankar Puja are:


  •  The Gauri Shankar Puja should be performed on a Friday and during morning hours
  •  The devotee should wear clean clothes after taking a bath, preferably yellow.
  •  Puja should be done by facing north direction only.

It is always a good idea to take blessings of Shankar ji & Parvati in every phase of life, good or bad.

Our puja resolves all the disputes immediately and develops love & respect for each other.







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