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“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”- Martin Luther King

Faith is a five letter word with the power to move mountains. It is the basic fuel over which the human cycle of everyday life works. Faith that the traffic follows the same pattern, the maid will come in at the right time, faith in the government & its policies and faith in the chosen few people who are always by your side, come what may. Admit it or not, faith is a common fixture of every person’s life. Even the toughest of atheists have faith in something or the other.

Faith has a great significance in Hindu devotional theism. In Sanskrit faith is known as sraddha or viswas. The theistic schools of Hinduism are faith based, in which devotion and faith (bhakti and shraddah) are central to spiritual practice. Faith in God, faith in the scriptures, faith in the teacher, faith in the path, faith in dharma and faith in the possibilities of liberation,  these are a few explicit forms of faith, which are emphasized in the scriptures of Hinduism as the highest virtues. Since God is invisible and unknowable to the senses, and since he cannot be verified by rational means, tradition suggests that the Vedas should be used to sustain faith, holding them as the reliable sources of verbal testimony to establish metaphysical truths about him and his eternal laws. In Hinduism, faith (shraddah) is used in a very broad sense. It not only means belief but also interest, dedication and application an they are all interrelated.

ShubhPuja calls out to that faith among the people around it. Shubh Puja is not only an online portal, it is a movement. A call to action to all the believers of our religion to become a gateway for others to see and believe. It is taking the age old sciences built to handle the complications of day to day life. This showcases the intuition and the ability to understand the problems of the future and write down solutions for all such problems.

Shubh Puja is a medium through which uses Pujas and the age old sciences to give that extra little push to make something good happen in a person’s life. Faith is just a very important component to that mix, to believe that it is the gateway for the greater good. So never think of the Pujas or the mantras as a science that does not make sense but think of it as a channel to communicate with the cosmos.

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