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Interesting Facts about Palmistry

Here are some facts about Palmistry you never knew about.

1. The study of Palmistry originated in India and later moved on to China where it flourished more and then moved on to Greece and Ancient Egypt.

2. Some palmist has said that our left hand represents our past life while the right hand our present life. However, the more active hand is normally read. That means left for the ones who write with the left hand and right for the ones who write with the right hand.

3. Those with a big, large hands is said to be person who spends a lot of time thinking while someone with small hands is said to be a person who is very active, spontaneous and restless.

4. Those with long fingers are said to be near perfectionist and tend to leave a task if they find it too simple, whereas those with short fingers are said to be impulsive and start new things before finishing the older tasks.

5. The small lines on the hands change every six months, except the ones of the thumb. They remain the same forever.

6. The small lines changes the way you think. Think positively even in negative and see the change happenings.

7. Normally a hand should be studied only after a person is 18 years old because till then the lines don’t develop completely.

8. There are a total of twelve lines on the hand but only three of them are major one: – Heart line, Life Line and Head Line.

9. Mornings, just after waking up and before the breakfast, are the best times to read Palm.

10. The less number of lines you have on your hand, the more lucky you are.

Hands can tell everything about you. The hand mirrors a person’s uniqueness, his abilities, his strengths and his weaknesses, talents and worries. We all have always been interested in knowing what lies in future for us. Palmistry is a science of the lines, mounts and depths of the hand which tell us a lot more about ourselves.

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