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Introduction to Ayurvedic Astrology

astrology_ayurvedaBrief Introduction

The topic is itself a piece of sugar candy to chew and enjoy the nectarean juice of the same.

Ayurveda and Astrology both have their roots as the Vedic literature composed by Srila Vyasadeva, the literary incarnation of Supreme Personality of Godhead. He was a sage who could foresee the misery of human civilization, being unable to recall and recollect whatever heard.

Ayurveda and Astrology form the part of Atharva Veda which was the original Vedic scripture, divided into four parts by Vyasadeva and his disciples. Since Astrology deals into the description of the physical stature and built, it creates a link to Ayurveda which aims at maintaining the same to the fullest extent of perfection, enabling a person to live 100 years of hale and hearty health.

Individual Concept

The concept of Ayurveda was taught to the students of the gurukul where they would learn about healing of all living entities, specifically centered on human body. The healing involved administration of various medicines and specialized procedures as Panchakarma etc. The three doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha are dealt with.

The concept of Astrology was taught to the students where they would learn the relationship between the planetary positions with the effects they have on the person being born under the same circumstances.

Combined Concept

The person born in a particular zodiac sign has a dominance of a particular planet which has its own unique effect on the three doshas. The predominance of the doshas is decided by the rules regarding to ayurvedic astrology.

Eg Sun planet is related to pitta dosha, Moon is related to Kapha dosha and Saturn is related to Vata dosha.

The effect of these doshas are dependent upon the time of birth as it forms the Basic physical nature of the individual (Mool Prakriti) and the transit creates the effect of the balance of these doshas, sometimes disturbing one or more and sometimes balances one or more.

Due to malefic planetary vision, a particular dosha can be aggreviated and can cause a disease of a particular type. Eg If the Saturn is in an enemy position, there are chances of getting diseases of Vata i.e. pertaining to pain and large intestine.

And when a particular planet is calm, then there can be subjugation of a particular disease due to its positive effect. Eg If the moon is made calm through Chandra Shanti Puja which we arrange at #ShubhPuja, the symptom of hyperacidity rule out from the body.


  1. The concept of ayurvedic astrology has got numerous benefits since we are able to comprehend and correct our planets by simply regulating our lifestyle as per ayurvedic guidelines.
  2. If someone is unable to perform very expensive pujas due to unavailability of resources, he can substitute the same with the help of ayurvedic astrology.
  3. Sometimes the time, place and circumstances are not fit for a particular puja, in that case, this helps a lot.
  4. One can regulate his life in a way a human being is supposed to do.
  5. It is the best method to remove stress and other problems of life
  6. The diseases are gone along with the malefic planetary effects to a good extent.
  7. It is most economical as well as most easy to comprehend and follow.

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