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Maharaj Pandu

The whole epic of mahabharata revolves around the five sons of Maharaj Pandu and the 100 sons of Maharaj Dhritrashtra.

Since the sons of Maharaj Shantanu couldnt bear any progeny and died prematurely, their wives were practically barren since they couldnt beget any children to the dynasty. Bhishma pitamah was approached in order to procreate the progeny for the kingdom, but he was invincible in front of his severe vow of lifelong obstinate celibacy.

Then, the mother of Maharaj Pandu sought of Srila Vyasadeva and immediately he appeared before her. He asked the purpose of remembrance and was told that the three daughter in laws of the dynasty were barren, Amba, Ambika and Ambalika.

She persuaded Vyasadev to procreate throught them and to which he replied that they must practice severe austerities for one year. Since the mother was unwilling, the sage procreated the progeny and Maharaj Pandu was born of the Queen Ambalika.

As soon as Ambalika saw Ved Vyasa, she became pale out of amazement and due to his untidiness. Therefore, she begot a son named Pandu which literally means pale. Despite being pale, Pandu was very handsome and had distinctive beautifying features of his body.

Pandu was married to the sister of Kintibhoja i.e. Maharani Kunti and Madri, the daughter of King of Madras.

When he was spending leisure time in the forest, he killed a deer mating with his mate which was actually Rishi Kindama and his wife. When the Rishi laid dead, he cursed Pandu that as soon as he would try to enjoy his wife, he would die instantly.

Then, he had to create progeny through Kunti and her incantation to call the demigods. Kunti had 3 sons and Madri, through the same spell had 2 sons.

Once, when maharaj Pandu was in the forest and the weather became amorous and erotic, he tried to embrace and enjoy the union of his second wife Madri and as a result of the curse, he died.

Seeing this, Madri cried in lamentation and Kunti Maharani also approached the spot. Finally, Madri entered the funeral pyre of her husband and achieved the same destination as her huisband, leaving Kunti and the 5 Pandavas weeping.

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