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Marriages are the best time to show one’s love and affection for the children whom the parents have fostered over years and have been nurturing them with the best of their capacity to make them able to stand on their feet and grow their own bread. They have been treated with such love and care that they naturally feel an obligation and love towards their parents whom they even consider as worshippable deities.

The Indian Vedic system has a set of 16 samskars or initiations which are neccessary for an individual who wishes to promote himself from a Shudra or an unqualiifed and uneducated person to a Dvija or an enlightened one who is wise and knowledgeable. It is the duty of every householder to impart proper education to his children in order to get them properly situated in the society.

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Vivah Sanskar

Vivaha Sanskar is one of the important sanskars of the Vedic system whereby a male accepts a suitable wife as per the Vedic norms for selection of Bride and Bridegroom.

Vivaha sanskara is considered as a Yagya. There are many purificatory processes for advancing a human being to spiritual life. The marriage ceremony, for example, is considered to be one of these sacrifices. It is called vivāha-yajña. The Lord says here that any sacrifice which is meant for human welfare should never be given up. Vivāha-yajña, the marriage ceremony, is meant to regulate the human mind so that it may become peaceful for spiritual advancement. For most men, this vivāha-yajña should be encouraged even by persons in the renounced order of life.  All prescribed sacrifices are meant for achieving the Supreme Lord. Therefore, in the lower stages, they should not be given up. Similarly, charity is for the purification of the heart. If charity is given to suitable persons, as described previously, it leads one to advanced spiritual life.

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Matching the horoscope

Since marriage is a stepping stone for a life which shall now onwards continue on two wheels, it is very important for people to choose ideal Bridegroom and Bride since like as a good match can lead to heaven in the house, a similar mismatch can make the house members as left for heavenly abode.

The choice of Bride and Bridegroom must be done very carefully and proper acharyas and highly qualified pundits must be consulted so as to ensure that the children remain obliged to their parents and the parents can also feel the presence of a nice daughter-in-law or son-in-law in the house. Shubhpuja helps you organise all your wedding ceremonies without any hassle through educated and qualified Acharyas.

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