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Why not to place our head to the North while sleeping?

shubhpuja.comWe are usually recommended not to sleep with head in north direction due to many scientific, medical and even religious reasons; yet most of us don’t notice this fact while dozing off to sleep. Not to scare you, but one wrong habit can also lead to hemorrhages in their brain. Let’s discuss the reasons of why not to prefer north direction.

  • Similar to the earth magnetic field, our body also has magnetic fields i.e. our head is north and feet are the south. As similar poles repel each other, so the magnetic pull causes pressure on our brain.
  • The horizontal body position can drop the pulse rate and cause damage in the head.
  • The increased circulation of blood flow due to this position causes agitation, frustration and other major troubles with age.
  • To avoid sleeplessness, headache, nausea, disturbed blood circulation and digestion problems.
  • South is also considered as a direction of negativity and also associated with God of death, thus it tends to bring misfortune or bad luck.


So sleeping in East or North-east direction is considered the best while facing on right side. The digestion and metabolic activity is maintained while sleeping. If you get up in the morning rolling to left side, it applies pressure on the cardiac system as the body is already in state of relaxation.

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