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SCHEDULE ONLINE Consultation with our PANDIT JI

Astrology chart-reading is an ancient science that looks at the unique planetary alignments that were present at your date and location of birth.

During the 1:1 Shubhpuja astrology consultation,

1. We Identify the issues at play for you,   

  • Sit down on a call and talk to us confidentially about anything that is on your mind, related to your personal relationships, your work life, your goals and expectations for your future, or anything else. 
  • We have experience coaching clients through almost every issue, while referencing your unique astrological chart that determines various changing and unchanging factors in your life, including your personality, predilections, desires, and needs. 
  • We combine your science with your day-to-day issues to identify the core issue at play for you.


2. Recommend a customized puja or kavach (energy object) for your personal astrology, problem, issue and intention

  • Once we have identified the core issue at play for you, we recommend a specialized puja or kavach that can rectify any misalignment of your personal stars, bring you powerful support, and solve the underlying misalignment in your life. 
  • The puja we recommend is specially designed for you, based on your unique planetary birth chart and other factors, which creates a wholly personalized, precise, and powerful experience for you. Read our customer testimonials to learn more.


3. Implement virtual guided pujas, specialized to you, at cosmically ordained dates and times.  

  • Normally, our pujas and kavach-blessing ceremonies can take multiple days, hundreds of different materials (fruits, lamps, scents and herbs, jewelry and cloth adornment, rare gemstones and materials), and require a highly trained acharya (priest) to conduct the ceremony. 
  • Lucky for you, we take care of every single aspect of the puja – all you have to do is resolve to heal your misalignments and ask for a puja. We give you a few simple instructions to follow (e.g. taking a shower before the puja, feeling fresh and ready to receive the blessings) and all you have to do is show up virtually and receive the blessings of your personal puja.
  • After the puja, we may send you your kavach (energy object) based on your consultation, which can provide additional protection and blessings for the next few months after your puja.

Are you ready to learn more about your stars?

Process to get personalised consulting:

  • Fill the form below and pay the requisite fees.
  • Once we receive your booking, we will see your kundali (birth chart) based on the details provided.
  • You will receive correspondence from us on next steps for scheduling your 1:1 consultation.

Questions? E-mail us at contact@shubhpuja.com.

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