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VEDIC PUJA & energy healing ?

Vedic Puja (Energy healing) is a multi-sensory experience, an ancient Indian Vedic science, originated from Indian Vedas and channeled through sound & fire energy healing.
During Puja, sacred mechanisms are used simultaneously like ringing of the bells, chants of ancient sanskrit mantras, burning of fire, holy lamps, aroma of incense sticks and more than 40+ ayurvedic herbs.

As per the Vedas, the sanctified Sanskrit chants (sound energy healing) along with fire ceremony help release positive energies through cosmic forces, which cleanse your mind, body and aura, as well as remove negative / evil energies. Vedic scriptures also prescribe that pujas are strongly correlated to certain astrology, stars, numbers and planetary configurations. And hence, it helps propitiate the planets to give you the desired results.

All the Pujas are customized as per your need, aims and ambitions.


Difference between Puja & Yoga?

Pujas are way more detailed and customized through
sound energy & fire ceremony. According to ancient
Vedic practices, both Yoga and Ayurveda prepares the
body to perform “Puja.” Puja is executed through various
body postures, deities, Ayurvedic products and elements,
pronouncing Sanskrit mantras in a particular frequency
to heal the person. So it encompasses all the other
Vedic sciences; Astrology, yoga, Ayurveda etc.

Healing through Havan / Fire Ceremony

Soak in Puja spirit with ShubhPuja. There are plenty of possibilities for you to consider; rather than lying around being pummeled by some obsessive, negative habit, mood or dullness.
Havan/Fire ceremony is an efficient way for liberating oneself from negative energy and praying for one’s wellbeing. It enhances your own pool of merit, or positive karma.
Havan is a fire ritual involving around hours of japa (chanting of moola sanskrit mantras by revered Indian vedic brahmins), avahana (invoking the planets & gods), kalasha puja (copper/silver pitcher pot) and several other Vedic rituals.
At ShubhPuja, we organise authentic Puja through highly qualified and experienced Brahmins from India. Trained in the most ancient vedic schools, puja samagri, as per vedic rituals, these Brahmin / pandits enlighten the significance of Puja while performing it as per appropriate rituals.

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Healing Mantras

In the mind-body- spirit triad, Sanskrit mantras have many modes of action. The repetition (in thousands) of mantras has multiple effects in the body and mind that stimulate the chakras, meridians and higher spiritual energy centers.
Popular mantras like, “Om Namah Shivay” can help release tension from the body and calm you. But, reciting mantras from the sacred text, the Samaveda, can only be performed effectively by educated Brahmin Pandits. It is believed that healing mantras recited by Brahmins increase temperature around the chakras of seekers listening to the mantras. For centuries, these unique sounds and vibrations have been used for healing, grounding, or as a tool to clear the mind.
Shubhpuja has Vedic experts / Brahmins who have attained the Siddhi or power of the mantra, which only arises from deep and long term practice.

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Fully-bespoke & result oriented

Whilst yoga and ayurvedateachings can be applied universally, Puja is a bespoke healing practice. Each puja is customized to individual/space needs with the use of birth charts, their aims / goals / ambitions (e.g. Promotion in career / wanting to get married / winning legal cases etc).

Shubhpuja is a one stop destination for all puja
and diagnostic astrology services.

One of our signature Puja services is Sindhurmani, which is widely known for its divine and healing attributes. Sindhurmani has life energy of its own, and they vibrate on their own individual frequency. The frequency they send out determines the particular energy which will
be attracted to solve the specific issue. Likewise, it also helps eliminate negative energy from your environment / home /office, and restore positivity in your life.

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Indian Vedic Experts

Shubhpuja’s team of specialists who are highly educated professionals renounce the idea of merely performing the ancient rituals. We are instead involved in research on combining ancient wisdom with modern times, upholding and implementing Vedic traditions.
ShubhPuja consists of highly educated Vedic Brahmins, Astrologers in Vedic Sciences, who have practiced Puja, mantra healing and fire ceremonies for more than a decade now. Our panel of experts are knowledgeable, highly experienced, and proficient in all type of Pujas and healings; however, they don’t follow Vedic Sciences and rituals blindly, but also cater the Puja as per your traditions and customs in the ancient Vedas. Our Brahmin pandits also garner utmost significance and importance to the recitation and pronunciation of hymns and verses.
ShubhPuja’s services are exclusive, highly specialized and customized, open to a worldwide

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