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Full Body Scan Meditation, Chakra Scanning & Balancing

The Shubhpuja Full Body Scan Meditation is based on scanning & balancing your chakras corresponding to aligning the astrological position of planets. Add to the cart now!

Body scan - A full body diagnostic tool


Product Description

In our lives, so many different factors contribute to misaligned energies, 

  • from geopathic stress lines in the Earth, 
  • to toxic people and situations, 
  • to genetic issues inherited from family,
  • Black magic and negative energy,
  • and so much more. 

Most of the times, we have a feeling of unease but we don’t know exactly where it’s coming from. Usually, it’s a combination of many factors. 

With a body scan, you will be able to see every aspect of your current situation: a tangible understanding of your current body aura and planet imbalances. 

This unique 180 degree process – scanning your whole body aura – allows us to target the root imbalances and fix them. 

Body scan is the scientific process of testing an individual’s aura using our proprietary aura testing technology.

When you have an imbalance anywhere in your aura – due to external factors or coming from your unique planetary alignments at this time – it creates blockages, which can manifest in sickness, undesirable situations, and overall unhappiness in different areas of your life. 

Our goal with Body Scan is to identify where and how these blockages are occurring, and then give you energized sacred objects to clear them out. 


How will it be done?

During the body scan process, a device is used to scan all seven of a participant’s chakras, while radiating various positive energy stones that correspond to astrological alignments and planets. At the end of this process, the participant can see for herself which energy centers or planets are out of alignment.


At the end of the process, we recommend a kavach, or energy object, to correct the chakras and planets that are shown to be out of balance during the testing process. While holding the object, the participant can see the way in which her energy system rearranges immediately.

Body Scan allows us to witness the energy flow in every part of your body. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Identifying which planets are out of balance for you
  • Identifying which parts of your body may have blocks (physical, emotional, energetic) 
  • Identifying if there is any dark energy or black magic present for you
  • Giving you a customized protection object (Sindhurmani kavach) to resolve the root cause of any imbalance and restore full balance to your body system and planets


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