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Nakshatra Puja

Your stars say a lot more about you & your success than you could ever imagine, make sure they are at the right place with specialized nakshatra shanti puja by shubhpuja astrologers.


Product Description
  • In Indian astrology there are 27 Nakshatras or stars that have different positions and meaning.
  • Nakshatra are Stars or group of Stars very very far from Earth and they are used as a Milestones to pinpoint the location of any Planet in our Solar System. The entire Zodiac ( 360 degrees ) is divided into 12 Zodiac Signs of 30 degree each. There are 27 Nakshatra each having its distinct Name and Governing Planet. Hence each Zodiac Sign have 2 & 1/4 ( Two and One Fourth ) Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra is further subdivided into 4 Charans known as Nakshatra Pad. Consequently there are total 108 Nakshatra Pad. Therefore there are Nine Nakshatra Pads or Charan in Each Zodiac Sign.
  • During Nakshatra Puja, the God ruling the Nakshatra is worshipped. If you are born under any one of the 7 inauspicious Nakshatra, puja for the particular God who rules the Nakshatra is performed. Here is the list of the Ruling Gods of the seven evil Nakshatra:
    1. Moola
    2. Jayeshtha
    3. Slesha
    4. Ashwini
    5. Megha
    6. Revati
    7. Ardra
    • Propitiating of evil Nakshatras, as per horoscope removes hurdles in our life. This should be done only after advice from a learned astrologer.

A highly qualified Indian Brahman trained in Hindu Shastras will conduct your puja. We have Acharyas from biggest religious organisations, educational institutes, Sanskrit Vidyapeethss, highly revered priests from Benaras, Ujjain, Haridwar and other parts of the country. We have all educated and verified astrologers associated with Shubhpuja.

We combine science and mathematics in the Vedic practices and deliver our services

  • After you have made the booking, we will send you a confirmation email about your puja details
  • This puja is fully customized for you with your details and objectives to be achieved from the puja
  • We will send you a list of do’s and don’ts to be observed by you for the Puja. You can attend the puja LIVE through the link provided by us and we will share the puja location and details
  • You may also choose to attend the Puja personally or have a representative attend the Puja

If you live outside Delhi NCR, we can conduct Online Live Pujas


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