Sindhurmani Siddha Shani Kavach Puja

Life journey is full of surprizes and we never know what turns up next.

At times we find ourselves at crossroads. Nothing is going right, loss of job, prestige, health, litigation, mounting loans, family quarrels to name a few. Shubhpuja has developed unique energised solution to bring quick relief in such situations.

Energised Sindhurmani Siddha Kawach is one of the best remedies to rectify horoscope defects, vagaries of transits of stars and ward off evil effects of black magic, tantra & evil eye etc. It is the only customised solution made exceptionally powerful using the divine powers of Sindhurmani.

Positive aspects of the planet Shani in life

A nicely placed Shani plays the following roles in the life of a person.

  • Useful social reformers
  • Justice and law loving people
  • Will have good faith in god
  • Always surrounded by well-wishers and good people
  • Lack of discrimination amongst people
  • Love towards pet animals
  • Helping hands for the crucial moments of life

Problems created by a malefic Shani

Since a coin has two sides, Shani, if placed wrongly can have the following effects on the person.

  • Weaker health and consistent knee pains
  • Invite a lot of enemies
  • Lack of proper share in the divisions made
  • Lack of understanding supports
  • Huge injustice with them
  • Legal implications which seem to end nowhere
  • People busy trying to turn them down
  • Lack of willpower and determination

Components of Sindhurmani Siddha Kawach

Kawach has four powerful components specially energised to bring relief to devotees.

Sindhurmani Siddha Kawach

Based on horoscope analysis, a Sindhurmani siddha Kawach is prepared for you which is propitiated on a sacred cloth that needs to be kept with you. It is energised by learned Acharyas after chanting of 7000 to 18000 mantras during 7 Days depending on evil influences of planets. This instantly strengthens your personality and enhances your luck.

Siddha Shani Yantra

It is a gold plated siddha and energised yantra made as per the Vedic scriptures and contains the power to invoke positive influences in your household.

Siddha Sugandh (Perfume)

Sugandh (Powerful natural incense made from the extract of flowers and herbs) is surcharged with positivity which propitiates the deity to bless the devotee.

Siddha Vibhuti (Bhabhooti)

Vibhuti is sacred ash which is collected by burning sacred plants and herbs in a special hawan. This ash, which is already charged with mantras recited in the hawan is made more effective by special mantra chanting.

Based on recommended puja, devotee is given a sacred mantra to chant on daily basis for 90 days to tide on the problems during the period. This package is a great substitute to big yagnas to bring prosperity in your life.