Chandra Yantra

Chandra yantra is recommended to eliminate malefic Chandra or Mahadasha Effects and Chandra Dosha and strengthen your moon and thereby making you strong to face the emotional issues that you may be facing.

Our astrologers along with many renowned saints advice Chandra Puja not only to eliminate Chandra Dosha but also to please Chandra Devata by placing the yantrs and reap the following benefits:

• Removes negative energy in your environment
• Reduces fertility and menstrual problems
• Safeguards one self from Ulcers, Intestinal problems and Stomach infections
• Relieves oneself from emotional trauma, stress and personality disorders
• Helps gain a better memory and improves his eyesight too


• Our Packs have been made from highest quality materials, ensuring the pleasure of the deity concerned.

• These packages have been made under the guidance of highly qualified shastris and Acharyas.

• The best method of fast delivery is usually chosen to avoid any latencies or delays.

The package includes a siddha Yantra which has been enchanted upon 1008 times with the beej mantra, making it pran pratishtit.

Along with the yantra, there is a proper instruction manual which shall illustrate the guidelines to take maximum benefit from the yantra.