Maa Katyani Navratri puja

Sage Katyan performed severe penance to Ma Bhagwati for having Ma Durga as his daughter. Finally his wish was granted and Ma Katyani took birth in her clan due to which She is referred by this name. It is also said that Katyan was the first one to worship Ma Katyani, which bestowed Her with this name. She is the powerful and fierce form of Goddess Durga, who took birth to end the misery created by demon Mahishasura in the abode of Gods. Devi Katyani is a pious form of daughter as well as a righteous deity who can opt any means to end the deceitful entities. Devi Katyani, having three eyes and four arms is a perfect way to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Devi Katyani is also called as the Queen of Braj as She was worshipped by the gopis to get Lord Krishna as their husband.

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