Maa Kushmanda Navratri Puja

The blissful manifestation of Goddess Durga is in her fourth day avatar which is Devi Kushmanda is widely worshipped for Her Divine cosmic energy and smile. She is said to be the illuminator of the Universe for Her vibrant smile, which clearly justifies Her name- ‘Ku’: little, ‘Usma’: energy and ‘Anda’: cosmic egg or Universe. Also known as ‘Ashtbhuja’ because of Her eight hands, is said to reside on the core of the sun. Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped for Her source of light that transformed the eternal darkness into bright prosperous Universe. Her divine smile and glowing face releases all the worries of Her devotees and illuminates their path of life. She is a form of ‘Adi-shakti’, who created brightness in the existing universe.

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