Maa Shailputri Navratri Puja

The pious and Divine Goddess Durga is worshipped for nine days during Navratri, to celebrate the strength of good over evil. Each day is dedicated to a particular form of Durga Ma which symbolise her various avatars and specific reason to be worshipped. The first day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri, daughter of Parvatraj Himalaya (King of Mountains). She is beautifully adorned with half-moon on her head, holding trident and lotus in her hands, riding over her bull (Nandi). Goddess Shailputri Puja is a Divine way to worship Goddess Parvati, who is an epitome of love and state of awareness (from Sati to Parvati). Worshipping Her on the first day signifies the beginning state of spirituality, keeping the mooladhar in mind as Shailputri is the mooladahar Shakti of discovering oneself.

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