Nazar Utar Puja

Nazar Utar Puja is performed using 3 deities- Goddess Mahakali, Lord Hanuman and Kaal Bhairav depending on nature of problems faced by devotees. For online Nazar Utar Puja, we need name and birth details of person, current address, parents name, Gotra. After preparing Sankalp based on above information and knowing nature of problem whether health issues,obstacles and problems faced in work and finances, lack of energy, depression, evil eye, black magic etc. we decide the mantras and Deity to be propitiated.
Then at a fixed time we do Zoom/ WhatsApp video call wherein full head to toe profile of person is visible. Our trained Panditji does the Nazar Utar ( Cleansing of negative energy) using Lighted lamp, Mustard Seeds and Red Chillies.