Sindhurmani Balraksha Nazar Utar Puja

Children, newly born till 6 years of age are highly prone to diseases and effects of evil eye. Sometimes the ferocity of disease can cause panic. No amount of treatment works. Child falls sick frequently even with best precautions and Doctors are not able to diagnose ailment. Child keeps crying with no relief. This may be due to evil eye (Buri Nazar). In such cases our Balraksha Nazar Utar Puja can do wonders. In many cases we have seen it bringing instant relief. Sindhurmani Balraksha Nazar Utar Puja is performed by propitiating Goddess Mahakali and Lord Hanuman. For this Puja, we need name and birth details of child, parents name, Gotra and current address. After preparing Sankalp based on above information at a fixed time we do In person/Zoom/ WhatsApp video call wherein full head to toe profile of child is visible. Devotee has to sit South/ South East facing before Camera. Our trained Panditji does the Nazar Utar ,Cleansing of negative energy. This puja is specially recommended for Malaria, Dengue, Smallpox, Liver problems, fever, cough, dehydration, stomach pain, incurable diseases. The whole process takes about 15 minutes.