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Remedies to cast away the evil effects of nine planets

Effects of nine planets

Every human being on the planet earth has to undergo the effects of nine planets (good or bad) – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu& Ketu in his life time. While the auspicious planets change the life for good, the inauspicious planets can bring disaster and make the life hell. The inauspiciousness of the planets can be removed by applying some remedial measures. However, one of the most prevalent methods of this system is PUJA; YAGYE & TOTKAS are performed during the requirement of the planets position according to scientific astrology, which works wonderfully well. Let’s know how the inauspiciousness of the planets can affect one’s life and what measures should one take in order to cool down their negative effects.


Problem The body parts become stiff and the person feels difficulty in the movement. Mouth is always full with the saliva. If there is red or brown cow in the house, that is either lost or passes away.

Remedies: Eat some sweets, and drink some water before going out and commencement of any auspicious work. If there is always tension in the house and people fight with each other and use

abusive language, then put off the fire by sprinkling of milk over it in the night time. Donation of jaggery, copper, and wheat is very helpful. One must immerse the copper coin in the flowing water of a river or a pond. Take Sindurmani Surya Kawach and perform puja regularly for instant results.


Problem: The water resources in the house have one or the other problem, well or pond is there in the house become dry. The pet cow or horse in the house either suffers or passes away. Mental illnesses like Depression is main problem arise due to malefic moon.


1- Always keep silver, rice and water with you.

2- Those that have malefic Moon should not drink milk in the night rather donate milk in the Bhiaro temple.

3- Perform Puja and Yagye on Poornima by Vedic Experts to remove negative impacts of moon.


Problem: Due to the bad effects of Mars one is devoid of the bliss of parenthood. No matter he is full of energy. If one has child, he or she may suffer due to some diseases and will not survive. One may suffer with the joint pain. There will be deficiency of blood in the body and there will always be an atmosphere of argument, conflict among the family members.


1- One must feed the dogs with sweet tandoori roti.

2- Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.

3- Distribute Prasad in Hanuman temple on every Tuesday.

4- Perform Vedic Puja as prescribed by our Vedic experts after go through your Kundli.


Problem: If Mercury is weak in the horoscope one’s front three teeth break and the person feels weak and unable to perform sex. Mercury is called the youthful planet wandering in the garden. Mercury, if placed in an unfavorable position in your horoscope, can also bring problems in the areas of intelligence and speech.


1- You should pray to Lord Vishnu.

2- Consume different vegetables and moong in your diet on Wednesdays.

3- Consume mint (Pudina) along with wheat according to the remedies of planets in astrology.

4- You should love the birds and animals. These measures will make Mercury strong.

5- You should provide gifts to unmarried girls, also to your sister and aunt (Bua).

6- You can also perform scientific puja after know exact situation of your mercury in kundali by our Vedic experts.

7- Feed the cows with green fodder.


Problem: The person loses his hair in the backside of the head or there may be complete baldness. One’s education may be affected and there will be a break in his career. One may lose gold and devoid of progeny. It can cause a negative impact on the natives. Natives have to face several difficulties.


1-One must look after a Peepal tree and water it every day.

2- Saffron (Kesar) turmeric, gram dal, gold and any yellow item should be donated in the temple.

3- One must do puja for Brahmaji.

4- If the person is devoid of son one must meditate and worship Lord Vishnu with full devotion.

5- Donate yellow clothes, yellow items to your Guruji.


Problem: The planet of happiness, conjugal happiness if is not in god condition, the person becomes sexually weak, one may suffer from skin disease, night fall and even the thumb becomes weak and lifeless. Venus is the significates of relationships and also wife. If Venus is weak, native may face lot many struggles in his/her life.


1-Donate cows.

2- Before taking food keep some food for the cows or donate fodder for the cows.

3- Ghee, camphor, curd, and white pearl should be donated in the temple.

4- Always wear neat and clean cloths.

5-In order to make Venus strong, you should consume ghee.

6-You should respect your wife.

7-You should worship Goddess Lakshmi according to the remedies of planets in astrology.

8- Dance to your favorite music. Keep lighted diyas at your place and give fashion accessories in charity.


Problem: The person suffers from hair loss in the eyelids and eyebrows. If Saturn is inauspicious the person’s buffalo dies, he always has the fear of fire and his house is either damaged or unexpectedly collapses.Saturn is one planet which affects the lives of the natives based purely on their karma (deeds). The great judge Saturn expects the natives to be disciplined and have the right intention. If Jupiter is lowly in the horoscope or in conjunct with Sun, etc, it can create obstacles in the lives of the natives.


1-You should recite Lord Shani’s mantra or Sunderkand.

2-You should donate oil to the poor and aged.

3-You can also consume food items made of black urad as per the remedies of planets in astrology.

4-You can put on iron finger ring, feed crows from time to time and light oil diya below a Peepal tree.

5- Donate iron.

6- Do not consume meat and drink (tamsik food).

7- Serve the monkeys (for wealth).

8- Serve the black dog.

9- Worship Lord Shiva (Abhishek Shivlinga)

10- Worship lord Shiva, Maa Kali or Goddess Durga, and Bhairon Baba.

Remember Shanidev is the planet of poor and old people, so by serving these people one can mellow down the evil effects caused by him and can take his blessings.


Problem: Rahu’s negative effects are-If there is black dog in the family it dies. Hands nails start falling. The mind stops working and always in tension. There is Absentmindedness and craziness. Enemies increase.


1- Immersed the coconut in the flowing water.

2- Must donate to the scavengers and have kind attitude towards them.

3- Must worship goddess Sarswati.

4- Help the poor in their daughter’s marriage.


Problem: In case of Ketu’s inauspiciousness the nail in the toe starts falling. Children remain sick and the person feels pain while passing the urine. The joint pain also troubles.Accidents and injuries take place.


1- Pet a dog, and feed the dogs regularly.

2- If son is disobedient and misbehaves with you, black blankets should be donated to the needy persons.

3- Pierce the ears.

If you have negative effects of nine planets Shubhpuja help you out and give wonderful solutions by reading your horoscope. We have hundreds of followers whom get results and now living happy life by our remedies providing by our Vedic experts to them. Our only goal to provide scientific and Vedic solutions, to our clients to make their life bloom like flowers

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