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Sai Baba Tales: Dasganu’s Prayag Bath

Sai baba Prayag story

At the confluence of rivers Ganga and Yamuna the famous place of pilgrimage Prayag is situated. The Hindus believe that by taking bath in the holy river, all the sins are destroyed. On every festival thousands of devotees go and are profited by bathing there.

Once Dasganu, disciple of Sai baba decided to visit Prayag and take a dip in the sacred river. With positive thought he went to Sai baba to see his blessings and permission. Baba asked him “What is the need of wandering there when our Prayag is right here?” Dasganu was shocked and couldn’t believe on Baba’s words.

Sai baba said, have faith in me. Just then a great miracle happened and as Dasganu bowed down at Sai Baba’s feet a stream of ganga and Yamuna began to flow at His feet. Seeing the miracle the devotion and love of Dasganu over flew. Stream of tears began to flow from his eyes and his faith was completed. He felt an inner inspiration and the strotrarswani of Sai was automatically chanted at the moment.

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