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Sai Baba Tales: His Omnipresence and Kindness

Sai baba omniprsence and kindness story

Once at the time of Deepawali Sai Baba was sitting near the ‘Dhuni’ (a sacred site represented as a cleft in the ground). Sai baba was warming himself by putting the wood into the dhuni. High flames were coming out from the dhuni and warmness was spread around it. After a while instead of putting wood, Sai baba put his hand inside it. His hand was severely burnt and his disciple Madhav and Madhav Rao Deshpande were shocked to see the sight. They immediately pulled Baba back and became worried for his hand.

They started asking Baba- “Deva, why did you do so?” Baba became attentive and told his disciples that at some distance from Shirdi a lady iron-smith was airing the oven. The lady forgot that her child was tied to her waist and she overheard her husband’s sound. Unfortunately the child slipped and fell into the oven.

Sai baba said that I put my hand into the oven and immediately saved the child from burning. He said that he is not concerned about burning of his own hand instead he is contented that he saved the life of an infant.

After the incident Madhav Rao Desphpande immediately went to call the famous doctor Shri Parmanand along with medicines and bandages. Baba did not let the doctor examine his hand, instead he said that God is the healer of his wound and he will get well by the love of his disciples.

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