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Sai Baba tales: Shri Ram darshan

Sai baba shri ram darshan

Once an Administrator (Mamlatdar) came to Shirdi along with his doctor friend. The doctor being a believer of Lord Shri Ram was reluctant to visit Shirdi. He didn’t want to bow his head in front of a Muslim. Finally he was convinced by the Mamlatdar that nobody will compel him to bow in front of Sai Baba.

When they reached Shirdi and met Sai Baba, the doctor immediately worshiped the feet of Sai Baba and his friend was astonished at seeing the sight. Everybody asked the doctor about his change in decision and why he prostrated before the Muslim- Sai Baba. The doctor said that in the place of Baba he saw his adorned God Shri Ram. While telling the incident he again saw Sai Baba as an avatar of Lord Rama. He said, “How can he be a Muslim? O! He is absolute Yog incarnation”.

His faith on Sai Baba became complete and he began fasting. He promised that until Baba will call himself and bless him, he will not go to the mosque. Three days passed by but he was not called. On the fourth day one of his friends from Khandesh came to Shirdi; they both went to the mosque to see Sai Baba. After salutation Sai Baba asked the doctor, who took the pains to call you? How did you come over here? Hearing his question he became compassionate as Baba had came to bless him a night before. The doctor had the feeling of rejoice and he was blessed by Sai.

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