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Sai Baba Tales: The Kalma of Rohila

Sai baba Rohila's story

Once a person called Rohila by caste came to Shirdi, he was tall and well-built. Enamored by the love of Sai baba he began to live in Shirdi. He used to recite the ‘kalma’ of Quran and shout ‘Allahu-Akbar’ at the top of his tone. The other residents of the place were unable to work and sleep and soon the entire neighborhood became uncomfortable. They kept silent for many days but when the things became unbearable they went to Sai baba and requested him to order Rohila to keep quiet.

Sai baba did not pay heed to the request of the people and on the contrary he told the villagers that they should pay more attention to their work and not divert by Rohila’s voice. Baba further told the villagers that the wife of Rohila was of high temperament and she was troubling Rohila and Baba also. Since she doesn’t have the courage to come before the reading of kalma, Rohila recites them throughout the day. Rohila stays calm and happy by reciting it. Since then the villagers sympathized with Rohila and started enjoying his kalma.

In reality Rohila had no wife and Baba was pointing towards the negative and disturbing thoughts. Baba took side of Rohila so that the villagers gain the power of acceptance and tolerate the disturbance created by Rohila. Sai Baba wanted to teach that worship of God should be our prime importance without paying attention to the external negative factors and disturbing thoughts.

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