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Shree ram raksha siddha yantra

Protect yourself against negative energies & turbulences while gaining a pint of prosperity, fame, & luxury in your life with shree ram raksha siddha yantra available at Shubhpuja.


Product Description

The yantra protects the person from negative energies and turbulences in one’s life and helps to gain prosperity, fame, and luxuries.


The package includes a siddha Kubera Yantra which has been enchanted upon 1008 times with the beej mantra, making it pran pratishtit.

Along with the yantra, there is a proper instruction manual which shall illustrate the guidelines to take maximum benefit from the yantra.

• Our Packs have been made from highest quality materials, ensuring the pleasure of the deity concerned.

• These packages have been made under the guidance of highly qualified shastris and Acharyas.

• The best method of fast delivery is usually chosen to avoid any latencies or delays.


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