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A puja that responds precisely to your body frequency and heals accordingly

What is there was a holistic puja offering which combined your personal and unique astrology, your personal or professional issues, and integrated deep wisdom from energy stones, objects, symbols, sound, and all other senses, to deliver healing at its root cause?

“ There are many ailments, diseases, and problems in our modern society that cannot be addressed through one method alone. Complex problems require thorough and holistic solutions, derived from our ancient arts.“

What is Sindhurmani?

The Sindhurmani pearl is the rarest pearl in existence. It is known to be found at the bottom of Lake Mansarovar and other sacred water bodies, and found only by holy people and saints. This unique mani has a life energy of its own, and it vibrates on its individual frequency. A particular individual’s body frequency determines the Sindhurmani’s energetic response to heal your particular problem.

Meet Shubhpuja’s exclusive
Sindhurmani Puja

The Sindhurmani Puja is an exclusive offering bringing together various different and important
energies, that has been developed by Shubhpuja. We developed the Sindhurmani Puja over several years, with the help of various acharyas and specialized experts. It involves a curated process of mantras, sounds, smells, stones, and symbols that precisely target certain issues, including love, money, health, and more. We combine your personal horoscope along with the issue at hand to create a unique healing experience for you.

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Some of the other benefits of the Sindhurmani Puja:
  • Black magic and negative energy – In our daily lives, we get affected by negative and dark energies of people, places, and situations that permeate our lives. There is no way around it. The Sindhurmani puja not only removes dark energies, but creates a powerful protective barrier for you.
  • Health – The root of all illness lies in an individual’s neglected spiritual and emotional energy state, and Sindhurmani has the precise and incredible power to cure many diseases that have no recourse or cure in our modern medicine establishment.
    For example in diabetes patients, this energy rejuvenates the dead cells which produce insulin in the pancreas, thereby reversing and curing diabetes in patients. Other diseases include things like skin allergies, re-gaining lost sense of taste, back pain, retina detachment, excessive sneezing, cataracts, bronchitis, chronic cough, arthritis, and age-related macular degeneration. (Please note that this is a holistic solution and your existing medical treatment and medicines should continue.)
    Our puja can also address unknown ailments.
  • LEGAL – Sometimes, people find themselves in endless struggle with legal issues or beauracratic trouble. This puja provides a clear and easy pathway out of this type of embroiled struggle.
    Career – Your professional life is likely one of the biggest sources of pride, fulfillment, and also stress in your life. How can you improve your chances at securing the right position at the right company, progressing without barrier, getting the compensation you deserve, and reducing friction with colleagues? The Sindhurmani puja can find a cure to your professional ills.Money and Finance – Financial abundance and prosperity can be blocked by a number of factors. The Sindhurmani puja aligns you toward the highest gift of prosperity that you deserve for your hard work.
  • Love and marriage – If you are looking for the right partner, then the Sindhurmani puja can help you magnetize that person into your life.
    Don’t see your issue here? Talk to an acharya to find the right solution for you.

The energy of Sindhurmani is cool and peaceful, as all pearls reflect lunar qualities, and it also invokes the presence of Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles.

Access the divine gifts

Shubhpuja’s proprietary Sindhurmani puja is conducted with the presence of real Sindhurmani pearl, thus infusing its entire unique energetic signature into your ritual object (yantra, kavach, or stone) so you may gain the powerful healing effects of this beautiful, rare, and ancient pearl. Given the rarity of the stone, this Sindhurmani pooja has been developed, tested, and distributed by Shubhpuja only, and is not available anywhere else in the world.

We have two ranges of offerings: Pujas and Kavachs.
Sindhurmani puja

Sindhurmani has life energy of its own, and it vibrates on its individual frequency.
The frequency radiated determines the particular energy which is then received
to heal a particular problem

Sindhurmani KAwach

The Sindhurmani Siddha Kawach is a symbolic sacred object that has been precisely energized and magnetized using a Sindhurmani puja, your astrological horoscope, and the Sindhurmani pearl. Once the Kawach is energized, it can be carried around and used to:

  • rectify your personal horoscope defects (e.g. if a planet’s power is too
    low, or if a planet is disturbing your life)
  • rectify the vagaries of transits of stars
  • ward off evil effects of black magic, tantra, and evil eye

click here to schedule a personal consultation to identify the right kawach for you and your situation.

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