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SKANDA SHASHTI (16.6.2021)

SKANDA SHASHTI (16.6.2021)

Skanda Shasti is celebrated to mark the day when Lord Karthikeya, who is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is also known by many other names like Subramanya, Muruga, Skanda, and so on Skanda Shashti falls on the sixth day of the ‘Shuklapaksha’ (waxing phase of the moon), in the Hindu month of ‘Kartika’. This corresponds to the months of October-November according to the Gregorian calendar. Lord Murugan is popularly known as ‘Skanda’.

The Skanda Shasti Puja is a simple procedure which can be easily performed at home. This ritual can be observed on all six days of the ‘Skanda Shasti Vratam’ or even on the ‘Soorasamharam’, or the ‘Sooranporu’ day. As with any Hindu holy ritual, one should be prepared and have the entire basic Puja items ready, so as to ensure the proceedings are carried out without a hitch. Moreover, the most important aspect is to create a calm and serene ambience to set the right mood for the Puja. One should wake up early and have a purifying bath before starting the Puja rituals. Wear clean garments, and proceed to clean the Puja altar in preparation for the rituals to follow.

Puja Items required for Skanda Shasti Puja

All Hindu rituals start by propitiating Lord Ganesha, since he is the remover of obstacles and will ensure the Puja is performed without a glitch. Ganesha is also the beloved sibling of Kartikeya and

both are deeply attached to each other. Therefore, one should get an image or idol of Ganesha, along with a ‘Vel’ (Lance) and an image of Lord Subramania. Sandal paste, a little water, kumkum and flowers are the basic ingredients for the Puja. Other necessary Puja items should also be kept ready. After arranging the necessary Puja items, worship Lord Ganesha first, requesting his blessings to ensure the proceedings are carried out smoothly. Begin the main Puja by envisioning the image of Lord Murugan in the mind, and chanting

‘Om vali devasena samedha Shri Subrahmanya Swaamine namaha dhyaayaamii’

Place the idol of Lord Murugan nearby and pray for his divine mercy by chanting

‘Om Vali devasena swaamine namaha aavaahayaamii’

Offer obeisance to the idol or image of Lord Murugan and chant the mantra

‘Omaasanam samarpayaamii’

Now sprinkle some water while chanting ‘Om namaha arghyam’

Sprinkle a little water at the feet of the image or near the ‘Vel’ and chant ‘Om namaha paadhyam’ Sprinkle a little more water while chanting ‘Om namaha aachamaniyam’

After you have completed these simple rituals, sprinkle a little rose water or even ordinary water and chant ‘Om oupachaarika snaanam’

Complete the ritual by sprinkling a little more water and chanting ‘Om snaanaanandharam aachamaniyam’

After these simple rituals, offer turmeric paste and if possible new attire for the image of the Lord. Now chant ‘Om vastraartham akshadaam’

It’s time now to offer Sandal paste to the Vel and idol of Murugan while chanting ‘Om gandhaan dhaarayaami’

Decorate the Puja altar with flowers or garlands and chant ‘Om gandhsyopari alankaaranaartham akshadaam’

Offer kumkum to the Lord and chant ‘Om haridraa kumkumam’

Now offer some flowers to Skanda and chant ‘Om pushpam poojayaami’

After completing these simple steps, light a ‘Deepam’ (oil lamp) and chant the ‘Skanda Shasti Kavacham’, ‘Subrahmanya Bhujangam’ or read the ‘Skanda Purana’ or any tale related to Lord Murugan. After lighting the lamp, one can perform ‘Archana’ or carry out the Puja formalities by lighting camphor and incense sticks.

Those who have prepared ‘Naivedhyam’ (food offerings) can now place this at the Puja altar and perform an Aarti to Lord Murugan. Conclude the Puja by offering thanks to Lord Ganesha. After successful completion of these simple rituals, one is bound to feel a pleasant spiritual aura

pervading the surroundings. Those who wish to can sit and contemplate on the Lord and bask in the divine ambience created by the Puja. The heady feeling of performing the Skanda Shashti Puja is sure to remain with us for a long, long time and instill a feeling of hope and confidence in our psyche.

Book your puja now on the occasion of Lord Murugan Skanda Shashti. Shubhpuja perform it with proper Vedic rituals.

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