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Tried a lot but still luck is not in your favour, Let Ketu Puja be the solution for you

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The concept of fortune

Any person who is working in this world has to face a fork when he becomes tired of working extremely hard in order to live his earning. The fork or the situation of dilemma arises when one has to choose amongst fortune and work. There are many instances in one’s life when one faces bad time despite of his best efforts. Many-a-times, we are midst of such situations when we become puzzled. All of the efforts which are done in the right direction turn useless and the person undergoes severe pain and suffers a lot.

At such times, the difference between fortune and work comes into existence and play. Fortune is the pot which is made from three types of mud namely:

  1. Purvakrit Karma : The deeds of past life.
  2. Kriyaman Karma: The deeds which the person is doing.
  3. Praarabdh Karma: The deeds which are done in this life.

Fortune is made up with the combination of all these things and hence, the mud is correctly shaped into the direct pot.

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Fortune and Misfotune

Since a person cannot remain without doing any sort of work, one has to suffer the reactions of his deeds, whether they are good or bad. Any karma or deed which is done by the person has it’s own reactions based upon the propagation of the deed which is done.

These deeds when they accumulate in the reaction list of the person remain in five stages.

  1. In seed form
  2. Seed about to germinate
  3. Seed which is germinated
  4. Seed about to fructify
  5. Seed which is fructified

So, due to combinations of all these reactions, the person is really confused when the sinful reaction of which deed is about to come since all of this is decided by agents of personality of godhead.

Reasons for misfortune

As per the discrimination of misfortune, there could be various reasons for misfortune of the person.

  1. Past sinful reactions due to the past misdeeds
  2. Due to malefic effects of Ketu planet
  3. Due to kali nazar of any envious person

One of the most important reasons in the field is the malefic position of Ketu planet which is one of the minor planets in the kundali but has got significant effects on the life of the person.

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Benefits of doing Ketu Puja

The benefits of doing Ketu Puja are

  1. It prevents and protects one from accidents, injuries and misfortunes.
  2. It has the blessing to enhance one’s intelligence, wisdom and spiritual indulgence.
  3. It enhances one’s standard of living.
  4. it gives high profit in business.
  5. It helps to swift across the road of difficulties.
  6. It blesses one with psychic abilities as well.
  7. It helps to remove the misfortune in the kundali.

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