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Vaastu Aura Scan

Clear the negative vibes from the area of your home with the Shubhpuja Aura Scan that helps you to inspect & stabilize the energetic imbalancing of negative energies.


Product Description

Did you know that your home or area can have its own positive and negative energies, based on how your home is set up according to the cardinal directions, the way you have placed or positioned your furniture and bed, and the way that energy moves through your space? 

Your home is the most sacred place for you, and we will ensure that you know how to create a more powerfully beautiful and peaceful landing spot for your personal life, based on the ancient Indian science of “Vaastu” (like “feng-shui” in China) and our aura-testing device that allows us to see imbalances in the space. 

Vaastu aura scan involves scanning your home of energetic imbalances and then removing negative energies and objects in areas of your home, and adding more positive energies that are vibrationally conducive to you.

During a Vaastu aura scan, not only will we clear out negative energies for you, but you will also have tangible ways to continue to improve the energy atmosphere of your home.

Some of the benefits of the Vaastu aura scan include:

  • Checking for Geopathic stress points, IR, UV radiation (if conducted on-site)
  • Checking of negative energy for each cardinal direction 

  • Balancing of different directions as per the purpose of the plot

  • Implementation of Vastu principles (without demolition onsite)

  • Map analysis (incase map is not available then we will have to get it drafted)

  • Remedies to be suggested for the plot

Can we do this at my property?

We offer Vastu services for following types of properties:

Residential Properties: Plots, Floors, Flats, Kothi, Farm-House, Bungalow, Haveli, Societies, Colonization, Guest Houses etc.

Commercial Properties: Govt. Offices, Corporate Offices, Meeting Places, Shops, Showrooms, Malls, Restaurants, Banquet halls, Motels, Inns, Hotels, Hospitals, Laboratories, Nursing home, Clinic, Educational Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Theaters and Cinemas, Sports-Complex, Auditoriums, Stadium, Recreation Clubs, Apartments, Factory, Small-Medium-Large Industries, All types of Mills etc.
Map Analysis: Conceptualization of Map, Interior-Planning, Color-Schemes for both residential & corporate properties etc.


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