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Vaastu Shastra – The Science of Architecture

Vaastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu System of architecture which literally translates to ‘Science of Architecture’. Vaastu is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. Vaastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called ‘Paanchbhootas’ of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.


The Significance of different directions as per Vaastu : According to Vaastu Shastra, each direction of the house holds a certain kind of significance – it is said that if we follow specific directions for each corner of the house, then not only will our house remain happy and prosperous, but we will attain mental peace as well. Read on to know more about the importance of direction in the house.

The Money Corner : It is said that the North-West corner of the house is said to be the hub of positivity and prosperity. One should not leave this area of this house dark. If you do that, it will leave to negativity in the house.

South Direction : It is said that the ruler of the South direction of the house is Yamraaj. This area of the house should neither have a door nor a money locker constructed. Doing this can lead to fights between the family member of the house or even a sudden death in the family.

South – East : If you have an older person in your house (known as the head of the family), then his or her room should not be constructed in the South East direction of your house. This will lead to negativity in the house. If you live in a nuclear family, then your room too should not be constructed here.

North – East : It is said that your kitchen should not be constructed in the North East direction of your house. If you do that, there are chances that your financial budget will go way over plan and you will soon face a financial crunch in the family.

West : For the West corner of your house, use colors such as white and yellow. This is also a good direction to place all your money in. For your safes, you should ideally use a round shape. Use the south west zone of your home to study or construct a library.

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