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Traditions and Customs: Wedding vows

Wedding puja ceremony ShubhpujaYou may be excited to unravel all the imagination for your special day as the extensive to-do list has already been conceptualised within us by the ‘Great Indian Weddings’ of Yash Raj movies. The fantasies may be rolling in our heads but halt, what about the customs and traditions of your family?

By performing each required ceremony you get a step closer towards your final destination of marriage. When the supreme force decides your fate then his blessings are essential at every point of this journey.

We at Shubhpuja.com work to add glitters on your special day by keeping extra attention about your exclusive cultural traditions and customs. Realizing the diversity of India we cater to the special needs of the diverse variety of wedding ceremonies.

Beginning from the pre to main to the post wedding ceremonies; everything begins after the horoscope matching or Kundali Milan. Shubh Muhurat or perfect timing is decided for executing all the further ceremonies. Some of the different types of hindu weddings are:

North India wedding puja Shubhpuja

The North Indian Hindu weddings begin the wedding preparations after the Roka and engagement ceremony for a promising sanctification beseeching service between two families. Followed by Haldi, chura, tikka or sagan and ghurchari; the 15 vivaah sanskars according to Vedic traditions are performed religiously.

Shubhpuja wedding puja

The fun filled Bengali weddings begin with ‘Ashirbaad’ followed by ‘Holud Kota’ (haldi) and ‘Dodhi Mongol’ (chura) ceremony. Welcoming the groom and his family in ‘Bor boron’ and offering new clothes and gifts to the groom ‘Potto bastra’, the ‘saat paak’ and ‘mala badal’ ceremony are completed. Reciting of Vedic chants in ‘Sampradaan’ and performing the ‘yagna’ and ‘sindoor daan’ ties the bride and groom in the auspicious bond.

Gujrati vivah sanskar puja Shubhpuja

Gujarati wedding ceremonies begin with offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and seeking his blessings. Like any other traditional Indian wedding, Mehndi and Sangeet ceremonies follow it. Special ‘madhuparka’ ceremony in which groom’s feet are washed with milk and water followed by ‘jaimala’, ‘kanya daan’ and ‘hasta milaap’ are performed. Above all the Gujarati weddings are incomplete without Garba ceremony.

Shubhpuja puja


After the ‘Nischitartham’ (engagement) in Southern India customs, the families began the preparation for the final wedding day. Ceremonies like mehendi and haldi are performed, while ‘Janavasam’, where the groom is paraded around the town before wedding is done. The fun filled ceremony of ‘Kashi yatra’ is carried on the morning of wedding day followed by Varamala, Gauri Ganesh puja, kanya daan and Sapthapadi, as per the Vedic rituals.

Realizing the value of each state or religious norms, we should execute all the ceremonies as per the required traditions. Complete importance is provided to the Vedic rituals and mantras, which are also explained in the specific comprehending language to make it easier for the families of bride and groom. Shubhpuja ensure a personalized and customized experience involving the highest degrees of professionalism and commitment. We give a direction to all your efforts in order to bring you closer to the Almighty and make the match truly blessed in heaven.


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