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What does the hair on your hands says?

shubhpuja.comThough it might appear strange to you, yet the hair growing on our hands, although seemingly unimportant, is also an essential note of study in Palmistry. The hair is used by nature to fulfil a great many useful purposes in connection with the body.

Each hair in itself is a fine tube, in connection with the skin and the skin nerves. These hairs or tubes are the escape-valves for the electricity of the body, and by the colour they take in the passage of that electricity. Thus the flow of electricity and amount of iron or pigment in the system decides the colour of the hair.

Blond or Fair hair:

People with less iron and dark pigment in the system have fair or blond hair and they are more languid, listless, gentle and more influenced by people and surroundings than those of the darker type.

Dark hair:

People with dark hair are often less energetic in work, but have more passion in temper and are more energetic in expressing affection.

White hair:

As the system gets old or becomes enfeebled by excess or dissipation, the electricity, not being generated in such large quantities is nearly or entirely consumed by the system itself; the pigment is no longer forced into the hair tubes. It also happens in case of a sudden shock or grief- as the hair stands on end from the force of the nervous electric fluid rushing naturally. In America, the logic behind white hair is due to the high pressure at which they live.

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