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What does your Marriage line says?

shubhpuja.comThe curiosity of ‘perfect’ life partner or your dear beloved exists within each one of us and being a part of Indian society its holds an extreme level of significance. Thus if marriage related events can be foretold by the hand, or predicted years in advance then we would all would be excited to know it, yet the surrounding factors and unknown connection with one another cannot be denied and has to be taken into purview.

  • The longer lines often relate to marriages, whereas the shorter ones are related to deep affection or marriage contemplated.
  • When the marriage line is found close to the line of heart, the union will be early i.e. fourteen to twenty one years of age; if it is near the centre of the Mount then about twenty one to twenty eight years of age.
  • The line of Marriage on the Mount of mercury should be straight, without breaks or irregularities of any kind, for happy marriage.
  • When the line of marriage is distinct, but with fine hair lines drooping from it towards the line of heart, it signifies bad health or illness of the person the subject marries.
  • When the line is full of little islands and drooping lines, the subject should be cautious while marrying, as it is a mark of unhappiness.
  • When the line breaks into two, it denotes a sudden break in the married life.


So all these relations are dependent upon numerous factors and cannot be entirely true for any one; as the lines of marriage has a balance between both the hands along with other part of the hand too.

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