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Why Brahmin priest blow conch shells?

Whenever we enter a temple to attend an aarti, we see that the Brahmin priests come out of the deity altar with a conch shell and blow it very loudly, three times. Only after that, the aarti starts.

As stated in Hari Bhakti Vilas,

“0 king, a person who sounds a conch shell in Lord Kesava’s temple becomes free of all sins. He goes to Brahmaloka where he enjoys with Lord Brahma.”

The conch shell is very dear to the supreme lord Sri Krishna and hence, in his quadruple expansions, he keeps the conch shell in one of his four hands. The conch shell was offered to the Supreme lord by Shankhachuda, a demon who had Srimati Tulasi as her wife. Actually, Shankhachuda is an eternally liberated devotee from the abode of the supreme lord, who was cursed by Srimati Radharani to take that form.

Blowing conch shells is considered very auspicious. It is said that wherever the sound of the conch shell reaches, ghostly species and all sorts of negative energies run away from that place, making it completely pure. The conch shell produces the universal sound vibration, “Om” and this sound form of Krishna is ever purifying. It purifies all directions and terrorizes the negative energies.

Scientific Paradigm

The blowing of conch shell has tremendous effect on the blower as well as the listener. The one who blows conch shell is freed from all sorts of respiratory and mental disorders and the listener from all sorts of mental diseases.

The sound vibration emanating from the conch shell resonates with the natural human body frequency and hence, creates a stream of positive and healthy vibrations. These vibrations have a positive feedback and hence, provide the listeners with a peaceful aura. One can himself feel very happy and peaceful when someone sounds a conch shell.

Sounding a conch shell invite Sri Lakshmi Devi to one’s house and let her stay there for a longer time.

There are some conch shells which cannot be blown, but are worshipped. They are known as Dakshinavarti conch shells. They are worshipped in Mahalakshmi Puja.

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