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Why we eat Ghevar and Firni on Teej?

It’s been centuries since our grandmothers and their grandmothers have been telling us a famous proverb “Aayi Teej, Bakher Gayi Beej”, which translates to “The festival of Teej sows the seeds of wheat as well as the festivals.”

Hariyali Teej or Teej is a famous festival in the North India especially for the Haryana and Punjab which are considered as the wheat basket of India. There, the farmers work very hard and then get the result of their blood and sweat when they see the pearls of the grain in the field.

The festival of Teej comes in the monsoon season, in the month of July-August when the sky is overcast with clouds and there is torrents of rains. It falls on the third day of bright fortnight of the month of Shravan i.e. Advancing Monsoon.

The people exchange the highly sweet dishes made of flour like Ghevar and Faini (Firni) as gifts and eat them a lot in the season. This sharing is considered to be auspicious and blesses the family with the blessings of health and happiness.

Scientific Paradigm

As per ayurveda, the months of Shravan and Bhadrapada i.e. July-August-September are predominated with Vata and Pitta respectively. This causes dryness and acidity in the whole body, resulting in restlessness and mood swings.

The highly sweet and ghee laden Ghevar and Firni provide relief from the acidic and moist environment. They have Vata and Pitta calming properties due to ghee and sweet juice. Thus, they have a calming effect on mind as well as the body..

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